Part 469 – Raven Is Not Pleased

Raven woke up on the floor. His head hurt like someone had dynamited it. He sat up wobblier than usual.

It took him several minutes to notice the fading scent of new leather.

He stood in a clumsy rush.

Robin’s fangs were still buried in the hunter’s neck.

“What is this?”

Robin released her and looked up at him, panting softly. The scar still lined his face. His right eye was still useless.

The bruising on his face, however, was gone and his broken arm no longer hung in a crooked line.

Isellta was nowhere in sight.

Robin licked his lips and slipped back under his blanket.

Raven approached the bed and examined the unfamiliar woman. Yet, the more he looked at her the more familiar she seemed.

It was a strange thing.

He touched her face.

And his memories returned – blurred and crooked. But they were clear enough for him to understand.

His anger overcame his day exhaustion.

He left the bedroom and stalked around the house, searching for Isellta.

But Isellta was smart enough to stay out of Raven’s sight.

Raven returned to Robin’s room.

He walked over to the bed and sat down.

They used me to get what they want.

I’ve never been so disrespected.

He removed his gloves. His hands felt filthy, but they seemed to be clean enough.

I ought to throw them both out into the streets.


He laid down on the mattress.

And yet.

His headache became worse.

His day exhaustion grew stronger.

Raven brought his knees up onto the bed and fell asleep.


Isellta reappeared as soon as he felt that it was safe.

He dragged the body off the bed and out of the room. He dropped it in the hallway, but it just looked wrong lying there. So, he dragged it outside and tossed it out onto the street.

He nodded his approval and returned to the bedroom. He checked Robin, who was happily asleep.

Isellta traced the scar line from Robin’s forehead down to his jaw.

The corner of Robin’s mouth twitched upwards into a slight smile.

“And you wanted me to stake you. You irrational illogical overly emotional human.” He curled up in the rocker and hummed to himself.



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