Part 468 – Come Home With Me

She walked through the cold air.

She thought of all the things he had missed.

She thought of all the small things he never had time for.

All of the important moments of her life…He hadn’t been there.

In all of those moments when she had needed him the most, he hadn’t come.

He stayed away.

And he never said why.

A tall, thin man in a navy blue military jacket, black slacks, white gloves, and an asymmetrical haircut stepped out of the nearest alley. His reddish eyes were glazed over as if there were something seriously wrong with him.

Maybe he was just some odd druggy.

She knew he wasn’t.

She knew exactly what he was.

A vampire out in the daylight.

Something was seriously wrong with him.

And she wasn’t going to waste time psychoanalyzing him.

She went into her fighting stance.

His eyes cleared. “Hunter.”


He walked up to her. “You have been hurt.”

She clenched her hands into fists.

“Disappointed. You waited for him to come. He did not come.”

Tears sparked to life in her eyes.

He stopped in front of her and stroked her face. “He never comes.”

Tears fell as she launched into her attack.

He managed to dodge her desperate blows.




He grabbed her fists and pushed her up against the wall.

People passed by, giving the two of them uneasy looks. No one stepped in.

“Let me go.”

“Why?” His voice was a loving touch, a stroke on bare skin. “I am here. Unlike him, I am here. Come home with me, hunter. I will comfort you.”

“You’re lying. You’ll hurt me.”

He kissed her.

She buried her face in the crook of his neck and sobbed.

“Come home with me.”



As they approached the house, the vampire’s eyes clouded over again.

He became very quiet, which made her question her judgment.

I don’t even know his name.

Am I that desperate?

Am I really that lonely?

He opened the front door and went inside.

She stood still on the porch.

If my Master saw me now, he’d half-kill me.

She walked inside.

It’s his fault.

If he had shown up.

If he had left his phone on.

If he had…

He led her upstairs to a closed door.

If only he’d just be there for me.

Just once.


He opened the door.

She followed him to the bed.

But someone was already in the bed.

Another vampire.

He rose up and grabbed her down.

She struggled to break free, to be free.

He overpowered her.

She could not dance.

His fangs pierced her skin.

The pain pulled a scream out of her throat.

The scream thinned and weakened and died.

The vampire drank her dead.

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