Part 467 – Under Control

Isellta’s face suddenly appeared in Raven’s line of sight. “You talk in your sleep.”

Raven quickly sat up, which made him dizzy. Of course.

“May Rose is a pretty name.”

Raven stood, grabbed the fey by the back of his shirt and part of his wings, and dragged him to the door.

Isellta teleported out of his grip.

“Out. Now.”

“I need your help. He won’t stop moaning. I don’t know what to do.”


“Robin. Please. Do something. Make him stop moaning. Make him well. Make him happy again.”

“I am sorry, sir, but it is daytime. There is nothing I can do. Yet. Wait till night.”

“But…he’s hurting. Help him. Make. him. stop. hurting.”

Raven’s head drooped. He staggered and stuttered back to bed. He crawled on top of the blanket and curled up in the middle of the bed.

The fey teleported onto the bed, practically on top of Raven’s head.

Raven closed his eyes tight and resisted the urge to shred Isellta into strips of fey. “I am trying to sleep, sir.”

“I know. At least, tell me how I can help him. What can I do?” His wings flittered in irritation. “His moaning is disquieting.” He paused. “It worries me. He wants me to stake him. What can I do?”

“He needs hunter blood. It will heal him.”

“Where can I get it? Do I go to the store?”

Raven sighed. “I must be very tired, for you are speaking utter nonsense. He needs to bite a vampire hunter, drink their blood. He will…” His thoughts drifted away from Robin and Isellta as he fell asleep.


Isellta contemplated the sleeping vampire.

He considered his options and some interesting possibilities.

“Hm. That one will work.” He whispered a magic spell into his hands and pushed it at the sleeping vampire.

His left arm rose into the air in sharply jerked motions as if he were a marionette. His hand unfurled. His claws extended.

It stayed like that for a few minutes.

The tension in his hand relaxed.

His claws retreated.

His fingers lowered into soft curls.

His wrist drooped.

His hand fell soft and slow to the bed as if it were sinking in a lake.

It landed.

He lay still.

“Ish ann eena av ro da mrala.”

Raven opened his eyes, but they were unfocused.

“Good. Ish ann vrana ke loeh Robin gen sah.”

Raven got out of bed and walked towards the bedroom door. He stopped and frowned at his choice in clothes. He turned and walked over to his closet.

Isellta opened his mouth to object to him disobeying his direct command, but he decided to let it go this time. After all, Raven was in his pajamas.


She sat alone in the diner.

He will come. she thought.

She believed.

I just need to give him a few more minutes.

A few more minutes became an hour.

She pulled out her cellphone and dialed his number.

His phone was off.

She checked her voicemail.


She knew.

He isn’t coming.

She bowed her head.

I wonder why I thought he would. He never does. I just thought maybe this time.

Maybe next time.

Maybe the time after that.

Maybe then he’ll come.

She smiled a heartbroken smile.

He won’t.

She stood and glanced around.

And he wasn’t there.

She paid her bill and left the diner.

What’s wrong with me?

Why doesn’t he ever come?

Why doesn’t he love me?

She walked down the street.

I wish I could hate him.

Maybe I should.

I can’t.

Because I know.

It isn’t him.

It’s me.

I am a vampire hunter.

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