Part 465 – Isellta And Robin

Robin’s groans were weak and weary as if he were tired of hearing himself groan and just wanted to stop.

But he couldn’t stop.

Isellta paced around the room trying to think of something, anything that would help.

Anything other than hunting down a vampire hunter and leading him/her to Robin. There was too much danger in that plan

His wings flittered out in nervous spasms.


The fey rushed to the vampire’s side. “I’m here.”

Robin opened his eyes. “Make the hurtin’ stop.”

His wings flattened.

“Ev’rythin’…all hurts…hungry…hurts…hungry…”

I don’t know what else to do.

He put his mouth close to Robin’s ear and sang softly,

“Aish ka no me nae si na.
Aish ka shi oh mi na. Ooo.”

Robin shivered from the pain.

“Aish ka fae si shi sha.
Ooo-ooo. Ooo-ooo. Ooo.”

“Isellta. Somethin’…wrong. hunter…Olessa…broke me too deep.”

“You’ll be fine. Nightfall, Raven will find you a hunter. You will drink from it. You’ll be better. You’ll be so much better.”

“hurts…” He brought his knees up tight. “What if…what…stay broken?”

Isellta quickly blinked his eyes. “I’ll take care of you. I promise.” He tucked Robin’s hair around his ear and resumed his song,

“Aish ka no fae mi da su.
Aish ka sae ni ma eh du.

“If…don’t get better…stake me?”

Isellta tilted his head. “If I stake you, you’ll die.”


Isellta puzzled his way through that one. “You’re asking me to kill you.”

He groaned out a broken, “Yes.”

“That doesn’t make sense. If I kill you, I’ll never see you again. Why would I want to do that?”


“That isn’t help. That’s madness. That’s stupid human logic. That’s—” He flared out his wings. “—That’s just nonsense.”

Tears trailed down the unscarred side of his face. “Isellta. Always sensible. Always logical. Always so fey.”

Isellta pressed his knuckles against Robin’s face. “You will be better. Come moonlight and day fall, you’ll be so much better.”

Robin curved his head down to his knees. His groaning grew stronger.

Isellta returned to the rocker. I don’t know what to do.

He rocked back and forth. I don’t know.

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