Part 463 – Sammy Makes A Choice

Mark Caten handed over the papers with every bit of reluctance he possessed. “So, where is old Ambrosia hiding out these days?”

“I don’t see any reason to tell you.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’ll find him. I was going to settle for just killing him, but after this bout of humiliations, I will make him suffer. Tell him that for me, would you?”

“Of course.” Sammy left the office.

Mark Caten returned to his desk and sat down. He exhaled a shaky breath.

He picked up his phone and pressedΒ 0 for his receptionist. “Hello, Bethany. Remember what I said about docking your pay. Forget it. You’re fired.” He slammed the phone back down.

He stewed for a few minutes before picking up the phone again. “Bethany. Send Preyuna in here. I need her now.” And he slammed the phone down again.

A few minutes later, Preyuna entered the room. “What is it—”

“Oh, shut your face and get over here.”

She sighed and closed the door.


Preyuna left his office.

She carried herself as if she still wore the Fey’s crown.Β Yet,Β an unfamiliar feeling burned and scratched inside her chest.

She had no word for it.

No name.

Not in English nor in Fae.

She only knew that she would sleep well at night when someone finally struck that man down. Even if it meant she never made it back home.


Sammy landed in the forest behind Pinkerlee and transformed back into his human form.

He pulled out the two papers and looked them over again and again. Everything seemed right. Names. Seal. Signatures.

All he had to do now was deliver it to Ambrose.

I could tell him I couldn’t find it.

I could say that Mark Caten destroyed it.

But this isn’t just for him.

It’s for Ms. Addleston.

If they can’t get married, she will be disappointed.

I don’t want to disappoint her.

Two full-sized white pines behind him disintegrated into needles, pine sap, and snips of bark.

He walked into town.

I will not disappoint her.

7 thoughts on “Part 463 – Sammy Makes A Choice”

    1. Hahaha! Sorry! πŸ˜†

      If it makes you feel better, I think Preyuna’s going to play a part in taking Mark Caten down. I haven’t fully figured out the details. She might invite all of his enemies over to kill him “Murder On The Orient Express” style, which would be an awesome way for him to go. Or it will be something completely unexpected that will occur to me while I’m in church. Probably during the sermon. And I’ll be positively itching to write it all down then and there. πŸ˜€

      By the way, you’ve been busy. I noticed all of your edited Vampire Boys chapters are up. I’m looking forward to getting into them. πŸ™‚

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