Part 460 – I Just Got Engaged To A Vampire. Now what?

Barbara took a deep breath.

I can do this.

I am mighty.

She picked up the phone and dialed the phone number for her church.

What if he refuses?

What will we do?

She startled. “Oh! Hi, Father. This is Barbara Addleston. Umm. Yes. Well. I’m going to get right to the point. I just got engaged to a vampire. Now what?”

Her stomach knotted up. “I don’t know his exact age. I’m not sure if he does either. I do know that he is over a hundred years old. I don’t know. He’s not sure if it still exists. Um. I think he’s fallen away.”

She swallowed nervously. “Would you like to meet him? Yes. He is an active vampire. Oh. Oh, I see. Yes. I understand your point of view. So. What do I do? I want to marry him and he wants to marry me. And I want a real wedding. I don’t want to say our vows to a justice of the peace. But what can I do?”

Barbara¬† grabbed a pen and paper. “Yes. Oh, yes. I have heard of them. Yes.” She wrote down everything he told her. “Yes. Could you repeat it one more time, Father? I just want to make sure I have it all down right. Yes. Yes, that’s what I have. What time should I call?” She wrote that down as well. “Father, what if he says no too?”

She smiled. “Thank you. You don’t have to apologize. I understand. Thank you. Thank you so much for your help. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you. Bye.”

She ended the call and collapsed back in her seat.

That went as well as I was expecting. Barbara perked up. No, it went even better. He gave me an alternative. I’ll just have to wait until tonight.


Preyuna sat still and contemplated her reflection in her bedroom mirror. Her red and silver hair lay long and loose over her shoulders and shined in the dim light.

I am beautiful.

I am Queen of the Fey.

I am trapped here, bound to a man who will never release me from my contract. I can’t kill him.

I can only hope that Hildreth Mayhew will fail, that our plan to lure Ambrose Smith here will work, and that he will end Mark Caten.

She picked up her brush and ran it through her hair. If Ambrose Smith fails to kill him, I’ll have to come up with a better plan, a better dupe. That shouldn’t be too hard. I’m sure there are a great many people out there who wish to see Mark Caten dead. I can’t leave the grounds here, but I will find a way to draw those people here.

Mark Caten will die and it will not be from natural causes.

Maybe then I will be free.


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