Part 459 – Breakfast For Two

As soon as the doctor left, Elsie smacked Hildreth’s arm. “A harem? Really?”

He burst out laughing. “Elsie Vansing. You’re jealous. So jealous.”

Her phone rang. “Hello. Elsie. Mom! Oh. Yes, I’m here at the hospital with Hildreth. No, I’m fine. He got hurt pretty bad yesterday. Usual. Vampire. They’re going to keep him for one more day. No. Fortunately, no, but he lost a lot of blood.”

Hildreth zoned out the rest of the conversation.

What would my life be like right now if she had never entered it? Where would I be? Would I be happy? No. I certainly wouldn’t be this happy. I know. I wouldn’t be in love.

What if that vampire had never entered her life? Would Elsie and I have still found each other? He messed her mind so badly, it’s hard to feel any gratitude towards him. But the truth is he led me to her. That was not his intent, obviously, but that is the truth. Elsie and I moved in separate circles that never touched, never came close. That vampire brought us together.

He scoffed. I suppose I should send him a thank you card. He grinned. Actually, that isn’t a bad idea. I’d pay some good hard money to see his reaction. He’d probably shred it with his teeth. So worth it. Too bad I don’t know his address.

“All right. Thank you for reminding me. Yes. I will pick it up. Thanks, Mom. Love you. Mom! I am not going to tell Hildreth that. Bye.”

The nurse brought the bed up into a sit and wheeled the side table over to the bed.

“Ahh, I’m sensing breakfast is coming. What’s on the menu?”

The nurse smiled at him. “Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast with jam, orange juice, and low-fat milk.”

“Well, that sounds promising. Bring it on down.”

She chuckled and retrieved his meal. She set the covered tray on the table and uncovered it. “Here you go.”


The nurse left and Hildreth went straight for the bacon. “Mmm. Lovely crunchy strips of meat. Life is good.”  He picked up a strip and munched it down. “You want to stay and help me plow through this non-bacon stuff?”

She smiled. “I’d love to, but I have to go get the favors for the wedding. I kind of forgot about it.”

“You should at least have a piece of toast.”

“Really, Hildreth. I’m not—”

“Come on. You can sit next to me.” He grinned. “I won’t bite you.”

“As if you would.” She came over to the bed and sat next to him.

“Too bad there aren’t any pancakes to go with the bacon.”

She laughed. “I can’t imagine a hospital serving pancakes to their patients. Especially your idea of pancakes.”

“Mm. I can just see it. Butter and syrup coating every piece.”

She shook her head. “The way you eat, you’re either going to get a raging case of diabetes or drop dead from heart disease.”

“Nope. Won’t happen. I come from strong stock. Strong pancreases. Strong hearts.” He picked up his fork and edged off a piece of the scrambled eggs. “Here.” He stabbed the piece and offered it to her. “Say, Ahhh.”

“You’re incorrigible.”

“I know. Say, Ahhh.”

“All right. But the next piece is yours. Ahh.”


4 thoughts on “Part 459 – Breakfast For Two”

    1. Aww, thank you! I had fun writing this happy couple moment.

      In the previous chapter, I almost had the doctor give Hildreth the okay to go home, but my Internal Editor kept muttering dark things about “That’s just not realistic.” 😆 So, I rewrote the whole last half after I posted it.

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