Part 457 – Peace In The Land

The fey sat in the rocker facing the bed.

Robin lay flat on his back, moaning almost non-stop.

The fey sang in an imperfect tenor,

“Aish ka no me nae si na.
Aish ka shi oh mi na. Ooo.
Aish ka fae si shi sha.
Ooo-ooo. Ooo-ooo. Ooo.”

Robin’s moaning petered out.

“Aish ka no fae mi da su.
Aish ka sae ni ma eh du.

Robin fell into a peaceful sleep.

A knock sounded on the door.

“Come in.”

Raven entered the room. “I am about to retire to my room, sir. Is there anything you require?”

The fey shook his head.

“Very good. Good day, sir.”


“Pardon, sir?”

“My name is Isellta.”

Raven smiled. “There was no need for you to give me your name, sir.”

“I know. You will help him, won’t you?”

“When night falls again. I promise, sir.”

Isellta nodded.

Raven left.

Isellta rocked in his chair and wondered about a great many things.


Raven changed his clothes and crawled into bed. Even though his head blurred and twirled with day exhaustion, he lay still for a bit and listened.

There were no feet walking the floor above his head.

There were no whispered voices speaking memories.

There was only peace.

He could feel it in the air.

He could feel it in his heart.

He closed his eyes and slept.

And he slept well.


Barbara sat on her bed, staring at the ring around her thumb. Is it real or is it enchantment? When I wake up, will it still be there?

She smiled. I hope it doesn’t disappear. I hope he doesn’t do a jerk idiot move and tell me he’s changed his mind. I’m not Elsie, but I would have to punch him for pulling a stunt like that.

She thought about him and her smile grew. He won’t do that. I know he won’t. He loves me.

Barbara laid down. I’ll have to call the priest later and ask him Ambrose’s ten million questions.

She closed her eyes.

I hope all will go well with that.

I hope…

She fell asleep.




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