Part 447 – Oh, Come On! Can’t You Just Kill Him?

The Master pulled out another cigarette. “I trust you can handle that.” She munched on the tip of the cigarette.

“I don’t kill people. Only vampires.”

“But Mark Caten needs to die.”

“Hire a hitman.”

She chomped down the rest of the cigarette. “Hitmen are scum. And they always smell like bad blood. I want you to do it.”


“Because you’re Elsie Vansing the Vampire Marauder. You’re heartless. You’ll get it done.”

Heartless? Me? Do I really give off that vibe? “Why do you want him dead?”

“Because he’s a horrible person. Everyone knows that.”

“True. He is horrible. But why do you want him dead?”



“Why? He uninvited me from my own home. He uninvited me from coming anywhere near my daughter. He uninvited me from ever returning to Henspence. Don’t you think this deserves death?”

“I’m still not understanding. Why?”

She looked down at the empty arena. Her falcon mask concealed her expression. “So. I tried to kill my daughter.” Long pause. “So. I tried to kill him. I couldn’t help it. I literally could not help it. I had just been changed. I was tired. I was weak. I was so, so hungry.”

Long moment of silence.

“Olessa was lying on the couch. Lovely Olessa. Lovely eight year old Olessa. She was asleep. She was vulnerable. She was fair game. He didn’t agree. He didn’t understand. He didn’t know how hungry I was.”

Small pause.

“He didn’t care. He only cared about her. He fought me off. He pushed me out of the house. Out of my house. Away from my daughter. Then, he said it. He uninvited me. I had to walk away. I was hungry. And weak. And tired. But I couldn’t stop walking until I reached the city limits.”

She turned her masked face back to Elsie. “Don’t you see? Don’t you understand? Mark Caten must die.”

Elsie sighed. “He was trying to protect her. I don’t see why that makes him worthy—”

“I was HUNGRY!” Her voice echoed. “But you don’t understand. You have no idea. You, Elsie Vansing, don’t know anything. A vampire’s hunger is absolute. It must be satisfied.”

Elsie pulled out one of the stakes from the stake belt and contemplated its sharp point. “Sounds like you’re the problem.”

“Really? Do you even know Mark Caten?”

“I do. I’ve done business with him.”

“Then, you know what manner of man he is.”

Elsie frowned.

“It really is none of your business. So, why don’t you go flake off? Or, since you’re so hot for that loser Hildreth, why don’t you go and—“

“I know what kind of person he is. He’s crude, ungentlemanly, barely professional. He makes a horde of locusts look like a row of spring daisies in comparison. But it is uneven. The advantage would be all on my side. He wouldn’t be able to stop me. He wouldn’t be able to even start defending himself.” She scowled at the other woman. “I am not an executioner.” She stood. “You’ll have to find someone else.”

She walked towards the gate and was about to step into the arena again, but then a small detail stopped her. “He uninvited you from your own home? How is that possible? No one can uninvite you from what is rightfully yours.”

The Master looked down at her. “My name is Incandesca. That is what I call myself. But it is not my true name. I am Gayle Caten, Mark Caten’s wife.”


12 thoughts on “Part 447 – Oh, Come On! Can’t You Just Kill Him?”

        1. Thank you!

          When I initially wrote the part about him uninviting her, it was more of a “And he did this and this and this and I hate his guts.” Which was okay, but I felt like this was kind of a big reveal. It needed to be slowed down by a lot. 😀

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!

      When I figured out Incandesca’s whole back story at work, I could have sworn that fireworks went off in my head. I had all of these connections come together and I was like “Ohh that’s why Olessa was so into experimenting on vampires. That’s why Mark Caten took her death so hard.” It made me super happy and I just wanted to write it all down right then and there. 😆

      It also made me happy to flesh Mark Caten out just a little bit more. 🙂

      And yes. Things are getting very complicated for Caten. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Same here! It’s an awesome feeing when that happens. 😀

          Sometimes it’s like putting a puzzle together. You wind up with these odd shaped pieces that don’t seem to have any matches. Then, suddenly, it’s like “Oh, that goes there and that goes there and that goes there.” 😀

          Liked by 1 person

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