Part 441 – Elsie Blows Up

Elsie sat up in bed and pressed her hands against the sides of her head.

It’s Mark Caten’s fault. Getting me all stressed out.

None of my business.

None of my business.


She lowered her hands as she realized something.

He called Hildreth’s cell phone.

Not mine.

He doesn’t want me.

He has someone else handling it.

He called Hildreth’s cell phone.


She scrambled out of bed, quickly got dressed, grabbed her coat, and ran outside. She left her front door wide open.

It all makes sense.

The idiot.

The complete idiot!

How could he accept a job like that? How could he?

He’s going to get himself killed.


A vampire jumped off of a nearby roof, knocking Elsie to the ground. “Smells so good.”

Elsie let out a furious scream, shoved him onto his back,  and beat him with her bare fists.

The vampire could barely protect himself from her onslaught.

“Hey!” Someone grabbed her shoulders and pulled her away from the vampire.

She elbowed him hard and launched into attacking him.

The vampire crept away before she could notice.

“Hey! Elsie! ELSIE!”

She came to her senses. “Hildreth.”

He laid his head on the ground and breathed a sigh of relief.

“YOU JERK!” She slammed her fists on his chest. “Why would you accept Caten’s job and NOT tell me about it? What is wrong with you? Don’t you know? Don’t you understand? Do you think I don’t care what happens to you? Do you think it’s none of my business? What if he kills you? What if he changes you? How will I even know? Do I not matter? Do my feelings not matter to you? Do you think I don’t have any feelings? Do you—”

“Elsie. I never accepted it. I told him no.”

She sat back on her feet, on the brink of anger and tears.

“Yes.” He sat up. “I considered it. Yes. I told him I would. But I’m not going to do it. I didn’t like lying to you. I am not that kind of man and I don’t want to be. If that vampire wants to come over for a good old fashioned showdown, fine. Let him bring it here and we’ll both take him down. Together. Until then, Ambrose Smith and Mark Caten can go eat flying fish.”

She bowed her head and made a sound that was almost a cry and almost a laugh.

Hildreth pulled her into his arms and kissed her head. “By the way.” His voice was a soft, gentle tease. “Elsie Vansing. You were worried about me.”

“You idiot.” Her voice was warm with happiness and tears.

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