Part 431 – Because I’m Happy

He slipped the ring back on his thumb and proceeded to kiss her like crazy. His hands traveled all over her face and up into her hair.

Her heart pounded and she could barely breathe. But she could still kiss him. So, she did.

“Barbara.” His voice was heat all over her skin, inside her skin. “My Barbara.” He pulled her in close.

“My Ambrose.” She felt the urge to go further. To yield.

She quickly backed out of his embrace. “I’m sorry. I can’t. Not yet. I just can’t.”

Ambrose looked at her with so much love she thought her heart would break. “Don’t worry. I understand. I’d rather not have your first time be on Mark Caten’s property, anyway. I’m sure he has twelve hundred cameras hidden in here. And, if he’s watching, he’ll train at least ten of them on us. The old lecher.”

She giggled. “Old? He’s still younger than you.”

“Brat.” He took the ring off his finger and slid it onto her thumb. “I love you.” He kissed her palm. “I will wait for you.”


Going from the heat of the building and their own emotions into the cold of the night air made both of them giddy.

They ran across the snow covered ground, laughing and singing Pharrell’s “Happy” off key and hopelessly off rhythm with mangled lyrics, which only made them laugh all the harder.

He took her hands and started to spin her in a circle, but he slipped and sent them both splat into the snow.

Ambrose rolled onto his back and laughed at the sky.

She crawled over to him. “So, which place should we investigate next?”

He sat up and considered their options. “Let’s check out that barricaded spot. I want to know what Caten has hidden over there.”

“Might be dangerous.”

“Hey. I’m in a good mood. Bring it on!”

“Hm? Wouldn’t you say the same thing if you were in a bad mood?”

“Yeah. So?”

“Just curious.”

“Barbara, tell me again. I just want to be sure I’m not hallucinating or going nuts or dreaming. Will you marry me?”

“Yes. No matter how many times you ask me, I will always say yes.”

“Can we get married right now?”

“Mm. I don’t see any priests over here. So, nope.”

“You really are in a bratty mood, aren’t you?”

She giggled. “Maybe.”

“I want to scoop you up and take you to the nearest wedding chapel and make it official.”


“I want to see you in a wedding dress with all of the flower urchins you can handle throwing white rose petals in your path.”

“And I want to see you in a tux.”

“With tails?”

“With tails and sharp white gloves.”

He laughed. “I think I can snatch a pair from Raven.” He contemplated his hands. “But I think Raven’s hands are slimmer than mine.”

“Your hands are beautiful.”

He felt surprised by the compliment. “I’ve never seen them that way.”

“I do.”





2 thoughts on “Part 431 – Because I’m Happy”

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! And yay! You caught up with me again. 😀

      I really liked writing this chapter. I was going to have them sing “Almost Like Being In Love” from the musical Brigadoon. But I liked the idea of them singing a song that had nothing to do with love. Just a simple happy song. 🙂

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