Part 430 – And The Answer Is…

Barbara wiped away her tears. “This is probably one of the least romantic places for a marriage proposal.” She said it so matter-of-factly Ambrose thought he was going to die.

“If you don’t…If you don’t want—”

“Don’t even say it.”

He searched her expression trying to guess and second guess what her answer would be.

She knelt. “I love you, Ambrose Smith. That first day I saw you struggling over that questionnaire.”

“The pens kept drying up on me.”

“You kept throwing them at the wall.”

“Even the pencils were worthless.”

She giggled. “Completely. I should have been put off by your obvious temperament issues, but there was just something about you. I’m not saying it was love at first sight, but I felt intrigued by you. You were so direct about what you wanted. Other guys would have dredged up some lame pick-up line they found in Don Knotts’ autobiography.”

Ambrose stared at her. “Are you serious? Has that really happened to you?”

“Once. It was weird and bad. Oh, so bad. Many, many levels of badness. But that’s a story for another day. The point is you wanted to go out with me. So, you straight out asked me. I liked that. I still do.”

She laid her hand on his offering hand. “I love you.” She smiled, but tears shined in her eyes. “I’ve been wondering when you were going to ask me. I thought you wouldn’t know how. I thought I’d have to prompt you along. I thought—I thought so many things. I was afraid you wouldn’t ask at all.”

“Then, your answer is—”

She kissed him and whispered, “Yes.”


Mark Caten answered the phone. “Caten. What? Are you on crack? That place is deserted.” He sat up in his seat. “What? Send me the video. I want to see it for myself.”

He turned on his laptop and waited for it to get to the main screen. “What is he doing?” He raised his eyebrows. “He’s what?”

He went into his e-mail and opened the one at the very top.

He clicked on the video and watched.

Mark Caten smiled. Look at that. Ambrosia has a new little slut. Interesting. I wonder if she’s the same one who broke into the Davisburg location. Aww, it looks like he’s proposing to her. How cute. “Yes. I see it. Find out who she is and let me know.”

He thought about Preyuna’s plan.

His smile grew.


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