Part 422 – Hugs And Kisses

Raven sat on his favorite branch and considered the lack of action.

He went inside.

She went inside.

Neither of them has emerged.

Should I be concerned?


Or perhaps not.

They do have feelings for each other. Perhaps they are acting on those feelings right now. It’s entirely possible.

He jumped out of the tree and landed on his feet. “I am no voyeur.”

Raven caught wind of an interesting scent and followed it away from Barbara’s house.


“So, you’re not going to tell me?”

He shrugged. “Why ruin a good surprise? I will give you a hint: It might be dangerous. I probably shouldn’t even take you there.”

“Wait. That’s your hint? What a horrible hint-giver you are!”

He laughed.

“Are we walking or driving?”

“I’m not quite sure where it is. So, it’s probably best if you drive.”

“Let me get you a coat.”

He followed her into the foyer and watched as she rifled through the odd assortment of coats in the closet.

So serious.

So focused.

He smiled.

So lovely.

I’m going to do it.

I’m going to do it tonight.

He spun the emerald ring around his thumb. I even have a ring. It isn’t her size, but does that even matter? At this moment and in the moment I say those words, the size doesn’t and won’t matter at all.

“Here we are!” She turned around with a man’s gray woolen coat. “What? What are you grinning about?”

“I’m happy. I’m so happy to be back with you and…Do you really love me? Do you?”

“Of course, I do. Why are you asking?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m happy. I keep expecting you to say ‘I like you as a friend’ and  ‘Can’t we be friends?’ and other romance killing lines.”

She giggled. “I have no idea where you get such loon ideas from.” She set the coat on a nearby chair and hugged him. “For the record, I would never, ever do this with one of my friends.”


“This.” She kissed him.

He gladly returned the favor. He spread his hands on her back and slid them upward.

She startled and quickly backed away from him.

“What’s wrong?”

“Umm. Nothing. I…”

He grinned. “You liked that.”

Her face reddened.

“Do you want me to do it again?”

“No! I mean, I..” She looked up at him. “Ambrose. Please don’t. Don’t take it wrong. isn’t…”

He kissed her forehead. “It’s all right. I won’t do it again if it makes you that uncomfortable. And, on a reverse note, if you want me to do it, all you have to do is ask.”

“I won’t ask.”

He burst out laughing. “You don’t have to say it so quickly.”

“I’m sorry. I’m just not used to being touched like that and…feeling like that.”

“It’s all right. If you ever want to get me ‘feeling like that’, all you have to do is stroke the center of my palms and down to right above my wrists. Just in case you ever wanted to know.”

“Umm, thanks?”

He grinned and picked up the gray coat. “Well. This obviously isn’t yours. And I doubt it belongs to Kevin.”

“It’s my dad’s. He stayed with me for a couple of days after I moved in. He accidently left some things behind.”

He put it on. “It’s a good coat.”

“Thanks.  There’s a bit of a trick to the buttons. Here. Let me help you with that.”

Ambrose watched her expression turn all serious and intent as she navigated the buttons on his coat. He couldn’t help smiling.

I want to kiss her all over her face. That sweet, delicious, serious face.

I want to marry her and not just so I can finally sleep with her.

I love her.

“There! And don’t worry. It’s a lot easier to unbutton than…What?”

He kissed her lips. “Nothing.”


2 thoughts on “Part 422 – Hugs And Kisses”

    1. Thanks!

      I posted this one last night and when I woke up this morning, I knew I wanted to add in his “If you ever want to get me feeling like that” paragraph to kind of balance thing s between them (if that makes sense).

      As for whether or not that sweetness will last, 😉 We’ll see.

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