Part 419 – Two Vampires And A Locked Up House

Daylight fell and darkness rose.

Ambrose circled Barbara’s house, searching for an opening.

All of the doors were shut and locked.

Her windows were all closed tight.

He growled his irritation.

Raven’s scent betrayed him before he could say a word. “I suppose I ought to thrash you for coming too close to her house, sir.”

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Hilarious. What are you doing over here?”

“Just hunting.”

Ambrose narrowed his eyes.

“Relax, sir. I am not hunting her.”

“You’re lucky, then.”

Raven fidgeted with the hem of his gloves. “Thank you for letting me stay in your bed all day.”

“Well, you didn’t give me a reason to kick you out.”

“I appreciate that, sir. I needed it.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“About that train wreck.”

“What train wreck?”

“The one that stranded me here.”

“You’re gonna bring that up again?”

“I only want an answer, sir. Did you cause it?”

Ambrose looked up at the stars. “It’s a beautiful night.”

“Sir? Did you?”

“Does it even matter? If I did it, if Mark Caten did it, if that rotter Hildreth did it, so what? You’re still here.”

“I don’t know if it really matters, sir. I would like to know.”

“Yeah? Well, I would like to not talk about it. Help me find a way to get inside. I forgot to grab my luggage when I left this place. I really would like a change of clothes. And no. I am not wearing your clothes. We’re obviously not the same size.”

“That is true, sir. Why are you reluctant to talk about it?”

Ambrose walked away from him. “Maybe there’s a root cellar I’ve overlooked.”


Ambrose stopped.

“Why do you fear talking about it?”

Ambrose shot a sharp glare at him. “It isn’t fear. It’s unpleasant memories. I don’t want to go there.” His expression changed. “I didn’t want to go back. That place. That horrible place. I had to escape. The car was there and she shoved me into it. The keys were hanging in the ignition. It was a perfect escape waiting to happen.”

He shrugged. “So, I don’t know how to drive. So, what? I bet you don’t know how to drive either.”

Raven flinched as if Ambrose had slapped him.

“I thought as much.” He ran his hand through his hair. “The car took off on me. I tried to stop it, but it was stuck – the stupid beast. It just kept going and going. I managed to stop it, finally, but yeah. It was on the tracks and the train was coming. What was I supposed to do, Raven? Try to start up that insane beast again? No thanks.”

“You could have just answered my question, sir.”

“True, but I wasn’t feeling all that informative at that moment. Now, help me get inside.”

“I do hate to be the one to say this, but you could just break in.”

Ambrose looked surprised.

“Sir. Or you could wait for her to come home.”

Ambrose shook his head. “That would be stupid on so many levels of stupid.” His expression turned thoughtful. “Is there a way we can break in without causing any damage?”

“Yes. Magic.”

“I don’t possess magic.”

“Neither do I, sir.”

Ambrose smacked the back of Raven’s head. “Don’t make unhelpful suggestions.”

“I am sorry, sir.”

“Although…” He smiled. “Huh. I wonder if that would work.”


Ambrose walked up to the front door and tried to open it.

Of course, it was locked. Just as he expected it to be.

“Okay. Here goes nothing.” He put his face close to the door and whispered soft mind-altering suggestions into the brass lock.

Ambrose spread his hand on the door and it popped open. He grinned. “Well. That’s good to know.” He looked back at Raven. “You coming in with me?”

“I would like to, but the owner of this house hasn’t invited me in. As far as I know, sir, you are not the owner of this house.”

“You don’t have to be so snarky.” Ambrose went inside.


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