Part 416 – Ambrose’s Letter

The letter sat on Barbara’s desk.

All day.

Every time she thought about opening it, someone would come through the door. The phone would ring. One of the bosses needed her to pull some documents out of storage.

Even at lunch, the opportunity refused to present itself.

It was like the entire world was conspiring to keep her from reading Ambrose’s letter.

Finally, around four o’clock, things died down.

Barbara started to open it.

And the phone rang.

She took care of that caller, forwarded the phone,  put up her “Be Back In A Moment ” sign, grabbed the envelope, and ran to the bathroom.

She entered one of the stalls, locked the door, and opened the envelope.

She pulled out a badly folded piece of paper and read,


I want to stay at your place. I really do.


I understand.

I finally understand what you tried to tell me before about temptation. I didn’t at that time. At that time, I just…I was scared. I needed you with me. I didn’t think about what could happen, or how being with me in that situation would affect you. But now. I do understand. I really do.

I’m staying with Raven. I think you’ve met him before. I’m not sure. He’s a vampire like me. Ha! He is nothing like me. I can get along fine on my own. He can’t. I will stay with him until…Until.

There’s so much more I could say in this letter. But those words have to wait for another day. If you need to talk to me, just give me a call. I have my phone on. I think it’s on. I don’t know. If it isn’t, I’ll turn it on. And I promise I won’t break this one. If I can help it.

And Barbara.

I will wait.

I love you.


She hugged the letter and wished that it was him.


Sammy rubbed his hands up and down his face. It made his skin all red and blotchy, but it felt good.

So many options. So many possibilities. But none of them come with a back seat driver. None of them are willing to hand over their reins to a rank amateur. I wonder how he feels about sleighs.

He sighed and set his hands on his desk.

I’m guessing he’d put it in the same stable as hay wagons. Just gut instinct hunch.

“I guess I’ll go with the one that has the best price, but how is the quality of their equipment? Maybe there’s a reason why they’re so cheap.”

He dialed a number on his phone and listened to it ring.


“Hello, mother. I have problems. Could you please come to my office? I need your advice.”

“Of course. I’ll be right there.”


Barbara looked up as Estrella entered the office. “Hi, Mrs. Borscht!”

Estrella removed her dove gray gloves. “Is Sammy in his office?”

“Yep! Do you want me to lead the way?”

“No. I know where he is. Thank you. How is your vampire lover doing?”

Barbara blushed. “Oh! Ambrose isn’t my lover. We aren’t…I mean, we haven’t…Umm. He’s fine. He’s good.” She thought about that letter. “He’s very good.”

“Is he treating you well?”

Barbara smiled as she thought about him. “Yes.”

“Good. Please excuse me.”

“Sammy’s office is through the double glass doors over there and—”

“I can find it. Thank you.”

As soon as Estrella was gone, Barbara opened the letter again and re-read it. “Hmm. He has really good penmanship for a vampire.”

She smiled.

I can’t wait to see him tonight.


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