Part 415 – So, Elsie And Hildreth, Tell Me What You Really Think

Hildreth entered his house and closed the door.

So. Someone else is handling it for him. I can only assume he means me.

He hung up his coat.

So, what should I do about it?

I could call him back and tell him that he needs to sit down with a psychiatrist  and talk through his problems.

Yeah. And he’d call me a whole line-up of ready insults.

I could just take the job and get the jerk off my back. Plus bonus of getting rid of that vampire.

But he would gloat. He would gloat so much. Next time I try to refuse a job  from him, he’d just laugh in my face and remind me of this. No thanks.


I could do nothing.

He walked into his living room and sat on the couch.

Caten can’t force me to take it.

So, I won’t.

I’ll just put him on eternal hold. Maybe I will get a restraining order on him. That would be nice. Possibly pointless but nice.

He won’t wait forever, though. I know he won’t. But I will make him wait for as long as I can. If he wants to drag his dainty Armani self over here and give me an ultimatum, fine. I’ll deal with that then.

For now, he can just wait.

He turned on the tv and watched the tv movie “Sally Jessy Raphael Goes To Mars”. It was stupid beyond any point of comparison. Alien Fabio crash-landed on Earth and gave Sally red glasses, which granted her super CGI powers. She transformed into Wonder Woman for some reason. Wonder Woman wearing Sally Jessy Raphael glasses.

It was just what he needed at that moment.


“None of my business. Arrraaah!” She attacked her punching dummy with a ferocious energy.

Who does he think I am? An idle gawker on the street? I am a hunter. This is my business. “Furthermore, I am Elsie Vansing. YOU JERK!” She punched its gut until the dummy should have been coughing up bloody stuffings.

She wiped the back of her hand across her forehead. Why is this bothering me so much?


She resumed her assault on the dummy. “It isn’t because it involves hunting him. I don’t care who the prey is. It’s the principle of the matter. He had no business being that rude with me.” She frowned.

He found someone else to do it. Who?  Is it anyone I know. I hope not. I hope they’re careful.

Ambrose is dangerous.

I hope they don’t get hurt or changed.

She stopped.

What if it is Hildreth?

No. That just isn’t possible. Mark Caten doesn’t even like him. There’s no way that he’d offer Hildreth a job. Especially when he could offer it to me instead.

She flexed her fingers. Maybe it’s all for the best if I am out of that loop. I don’t want to even think about the hunters I know going up against him.

In her mind, she saw Ambrose’s face. The initial shock of being staked.

His life light leaving his eyes.

I’m glad I don’t have to do it.

In her mind, she saw Ambrose in that restaurant. Brash, pushy, worldly Ambrose.

I don’t know if I could.


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