Part 406 – Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

Raven rubbed the mark on his neck.

If I had told her that I was a vampire, what would she have done? Would it have made a difference to her?

Would she have expected me to change her? As if I could have ever done that to her.

Miss Farlington.

“May Rose.” He uncovered his neck and glanced around the room. “Are you there? Can you hear me? If you are there, come to me. Touch me. Let me know that you are here and I will tell you my heart.” He held out his arms. “I am here. Touch me. Just one finger. Just one. I am here, May Rose. Come to me.”

Tears fell down his face as he stood there, waiting.

Yet, his arms remained empty. His hands and fingers untouched.

His arms fell to his sides in defeat.

He walked to the foot of his bed and sat on the edge.

I love you, May Rose Farlington. I always have. I always will.

He doubled over and covered his face with his hands.

I should have told you that long ago. I should have…

The day exhaustion hit Raven hard.

He didn’t even try to get himself under the covers. He crawled up to the middle of the bed and fell asleep.

And he dreamed…


Raven stood alone in a gilded ballroom. Chandeliers hung from the gold mosaicked ceiling. And the floor was a sheet of polished gold.

Someone was coming.

He glanced around, but saw nothing but his own reflection in the mirrored walls.

Somoeone touched his shoulder.

He turned around and she was there.

May Rose Farlington wore a simple white ballgown. Opals of varying sizes decorated the neckline.

Her hair lay loose and long over her shoulders and down her back. “James.”

He started to cover his mouth with his hands, but she caught them and held them.

Raven looked down at her bare hands holding his white gloved ones.


He looked up at her.

“Dance with me.”

For the first time in his life, he didn’t object. He took her into his arms.

A solitary oboe sang a gentle melody full of heartache and longing and love as they danced.

And they danced.


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