Part 405 – Raven Gets Another Flashback. Good For Him!

“You aren’t Miss Farlington.”

“I am Clythniasuh of the Fey. I was sent to retrieve this precious artifact of the Ancient Ages from this thief.” She picked up the dagger. “Artifact has been retrieved.” She glanced at their unresponsive party member. “I’ll have to send him back.”

She unsheathed the dagger and whispered words into its shimmering blade. She touched it against the dead man’s chest.

He crystallized and disappeared.

“And that is that.” She sheathed the weapon. “I’ll be sure to get at least half of my reward.”

His shock burned into anger. He stood. “Why did you do that? Why did you toy with me?”

“I’m Fey. Do you really need a long explanation?”

He took off his gloves.

“I’ll give you a small explanation. Fey can’t feel love. It isn’t there inside of us.”


“I play love to see what it’s like to have a man make a fool of himself over me.”


“It’s a nice game.”

He put them palm-to-palm, folded them in half, and placed them in his coat pocket. “You hurt me.”

“Because you are a fool human with fool human emotions. So easy to play with. Such a simple child’s toy.”

He laid one hand across her throat and the other along the side of her face.

Her face turned pale as Raven projected all of his anger and hurt into her.

“I don’t understand these…I don’t…”

“Then, I will explain, miss. These are the emotions you consider a toy. A game. As you can see, miss, it is no game to me.”

She flared out her wings and flapped them in a panicked pattern.

“If you were mortal, I would tear you apart. You would scream. You would cry. You would plead for mercy. I would break your wings.” He released her.

She disappeared.

His anger left him, leaving him lost in his memories and grief.


Ambrose sighed loud and heavy. Why isn’t he back yet?

He kicked the door.

And why did he lock up? Who’s going to burgle a vampire’s house?

Ambrose looked up at the sky. It was still dark, but the darkness was starting to mellow out.

“Rrrraaah!” He kicked the door again. “Stupid idiot!” I should tear the door down. That’ll teach him a lesson. Locking me out.


Where is he?

Where is he?


He pressed his forehead against the metal door and sighed again. The cold metal felt good against his warm skin.

Ambrose closed his eyes.

What if he’s hurt?

What if he’s been captured?

What if he’s been staked?

What if he’s too tired to come home?

What if I have to go find him?

“Well. That would be a fun time had by all.”

I just want to go to bed.

I want to sleep.

I want.

I want.



The scent of black licorice and lime woke him from his stupor. He turned around and bleared a glare at the other vampire. “Well. You sure took your good ol’ time getting here. Did you stop to go sightseeing?”

Raven walked up to the front door and unlocked it. “No, sir.” He opened the door and Ambrose followed him inside.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Day tiredness, sir.”

“Uh-huh. Yeah. I’m not buying that. What’s wrong?”

He sighed. “It’s all very simple, sir. I thought I saw a ghost.” He paused. “I was mistaken. That is all, sir. Do you wish me to escort you to your room?”

“No, I can find it fine on my own.”

“Very good, sir. Please excuse me.”


Raven entered his room.

He pulled his gloves out of his pocket  and checked them for tears or stains. Reassured that there were none, he laid them flat on the dresser and removed his coat.

He hung up his coat on his coat rack and carefully checked for any dirt or alley debris.

He took off his suit coat and checked it for any tears or dropped hems. Finding none, he hung it in his closet. He ran his hand over it. “I will need to iron it tomorrow.”

He undid his tie and inspected it for any frayed edges. It passed inspection as well. He folded it in half and laid it in his top drawer.

He unbuttoned his top two buttons and moved down to the third.


He closed his eyes and lost himself in the memory.

“I’m getting married.”

He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t swallow. How could he possibly talk? 

He bowed his head and kept his attention on readying the Lady Farlington’s tea.

“Do you have nothing to say?”

He shook his head.

“If you speak, if you will stand up for me—“

“Miss Farlington. We have gone over this many times. I have nothing more to add.”

She walked up to him and shoved him away from the tea set. “Then, just look at me.”

“Miss Farlington—“

She shoved him again. “May Rose! Speak your mind. Tell me your heart.”

He shook his head.

“Tell me you want me. Tell me that this engagement destroys you like a flame. Let me see your feelings. Don’t keep it all locked in.”

He came close to her. “What good would it do?”

“Forget about that! I want you to love me. I want to know that you love me. That is all the good I desire. Do you not desire it too?”

Her scent was a delicious tangible thing.

If he touched her, her scent would stick and twirl around his fingers –  like boiled syrup.

He kept his hands down at his sides. “My desires are immaterial, Miss Farlington. You and I are not meant to be together.”

Tears filled her eyes. “Is it because of my family? Again?”

“Yes. And no. Please accept my answer, Miss Farlington. Believe and know that it is all for the best.”

Her tears fell. “I don’t agree.”

“That is because you do not know. Something has changed within me. Something that bars me from ever loving you. I am sorry. I am deeply sorry.”

“Kiss me.”

“No. I cannot. Please pardon me, Miss Farlington. The Lady Farlington is waiting for her tea.”

“What about me? What about us?”

“You will marry Charles Vansing.”


“My name is Arden and that is how you will address me, Miss Farlington.” His heart ached. “There can be no us.”

2 thoughts on “Part 405 – Raven Gets Another Flashback. Good For Him!”

    1. Ha! I was wondering if you would notice. 😀

      I liked the idea of her being linked to one of the present time characters. As for whether Raven will ever know that Elsie is related to May Rose…. 😉 It’s bound to happen eventually. Possibly. Or he’ll remain clueless to the end. 😦

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