Part 392 – Simple Happiness

Clarice finished her cheesecake and watched them dig their way through an enormous hot fudge sundae. Hm. If that thing were any bigger, they’d have to serve it in an urn. Tacky, but true.

Hildreth shuffled his chair closer to Elsie until they were practically in the same chair.

Clarice smiled. Their energy glows with the same brightness and color. Just like Gerald and me. “So! Have you bought the favors yet?”

Elsie stopped in mid scoop. “The what?”

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You told me you’d take care of it.”

“Oh! The favors. I forgot about that.”

“Well. You are with a distractingly handsome man. I guess it’s only natural that other things would slip your mind.”

“Distractingly handsome.” Hildreth grinned. “What do you say, Elsie? Do my good looks drive you to distraction?” He pulled a pose and fluttered his eyelashes.

Elsie laughed. “You goof.”

Yep. He’s definitely a good one. So worth the keeping.

“Sorry, mom. I’ll take care of it. Don’t give me that look. I will take care of it. I just have to stop at the fabric store and pick it up.”

“What is it?” asked Hildreth.

“Faceted crystal hearts with silver confetti inside of them. I know. It sounds boring and maybe kind of silly.”

Hildreth set his spoon down and touched her hand.

She looked up at him.

“It sounds beautiful.”

She smiled.

“What can I do to help?” asked Hildreth.

“Not much.” said Clarice. “I’m completely awesome, so everything’s running smooth and under tight control. The best thing you can do at this point is show up to the church on time, properly dressed in a yummy black tuxedo with tails, crisp white shirt, and a sharp black bow tie and honey. Just be you.”

“I think I can manage that.”

“Oh, and try to find us a decent band or opera singer or DJ or something. Land sakes!  It’s a wedding. There has to be music. How will you two dance your first just got married dance of joy if there’s no music?”

“I can definitely manage that.”

“Good.” She moved closer to them and dug her spoon into the sundae. “Now, for a little taste.”


On the way home, Elsie sat next to Hildreth in the back seat and leaned her head against his arm.

He looked down at her. Why did there have to be so much strife in our whole relationship? Why couldn’t it have been perfect just like this? Why did that vampire have to come between us again and again?

But he isn’t here now.


It’s just her and me.

Ambrose Smith is not in this car.

He’s nowhere.

It’s just us.



“I couldn’t be happier.”


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