Part 384 – Fast Hildreth? Or Slow Eggs? Who Can Say?

Elsie dumped her bowl of slopped and sogged Wheaties into the sink and rinsed it out.

He’s coming home.

Hildreth is coming home.


Why couldn’t he just do that in the first place, instead of getting me all upset? I’m going to punch his face off when he gets back. I’ll punch him so hard he’ll have to ice it for six months.

She smiled.

But he is coming home.


My Hildreth is coming back to me.


Tiffany/Gabby sat next to him the whole way back to Havaton. And she talked about her boyfriend the whole time. His perfect teeth. His excellent hygiene. His wondrous abs. His awesome head of hair.

She even raved about his sensual elbows.

I don’t see how elbows could be considered sensual. He smiled, which made her voice jump a full octave.Β I think she’s trying to make me jealous or feel inadequate. I don’t even know why.

He closed his eyes and tried to fake sleep himself out of her “You’re not as awesome as my boyfriend” monologue.

It didn’t work.

Her voice was a sledgehammer that kept bashing his head.

He sighed.

Are we there yet?


Elsie cracked a couple of eggs and stirred them until they were loose like water.

He should be back soon.

I wish he were back right now.

What if he changes his mind?

He wouldn’t do that. He said he’d come back. He’ll come back.

If not, I’ll hunt him down and give him a black eye. Maybe some missing teeth.


The train arrived at Havaton.

Hildreth waited for the teenage girl crowd to leave first – Tiffany/Gabby in particular.

He disembarked.


The butter melted and sizzled.

Elsie poured the eggs into the pan.


Hildreth ran through the sunlight and cold air.


Elsie scraped and stirred and scrambled the eggs.

They slowly transformed from slime and melted butter into beautiful yellow fluff.


HeΒ pushed himself to run faster and faster.

All the way to her house.


She scraped along the edges of the pan one more time before shutting the stove off.


Hildreth stopped outside her front door.

He hesitated for a moment.


She plated her food and carried it to the table.


He opened the door and went inside.


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