Part 371 – Payment Rendered

“Are you done yet?”

Ambrose ended the call. “Yes. Thank you.”

“Ohh, so you can be nice.”

“It does happen.” He handed her the phone.

She took it quickly before he could change his mind. “So! What are you going to give me in exchange?”

“I’ve thought about it.”

“Yes? Yes?”

“I’ll give you my eternal gratitude. Bye.” He turned to leave.

“Eternal grati—Hey! I gave you MY phone and let you put your face all over it and talk your stinky man breath into it and I deserve something in return.”

He looked back at her. “I’m leaving you unhurt and unchanged. Be grateful for that, little cat.”

“Caith. Not cat.”

“Whatever. Bye.” Ambrose walked out onto the platform and sat on the edge, waiting. He pulled out the black box again.

He took out the diamond ring and smiled. I sure hope it fits her finger. What if it’s too small? I don’t think it will be too big, but that’s always a possibility.

Caith girl appeared next to him. “Ooo. That’s nice.”

He put it back into the box. “No.”

She smiled. “It’s very pretty. Shiny. It will look nice with my other treasures.”

“I said, no. This is—”

“Fair payment, I say.”

“Go eat leaves somewhere.”

“Hand itΒ over or else.”

“Oh, yeah? Or else what?”

“I’ll take it.”

He smirked. “You’ll take it from me. Ha!”

She shrugged and turned a gear-shaped dial on the lower left side of her goggles.

He blinked and found himself lying on the ground.

“What?” He sat up.

His hands were empty.

He searched the ground, even down onto the tracks.

The box was gone.

He looked back at the caith girl.

But she was no longer there.

And the train whistled in the distance.


5 thoughts on “Part 371 – Payment Rendered”

    1. Thanks!

      As soon as his parents gave him their rings, I just knew that something bad had to happen to the rings. I considered having him lose them, but that would have made it too complicated for him to even find them. Then, Caith Girl demanded payment and I was like, “Yep. She’s going to try claiming his rings.”

      And yes! Bad Attitude Ambrose returns! πŸ˜†

      Liked by 1 person

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