Part 363 – Fighting Vampire Hunters


Ambrose laughed. “Yes. Me. Just me, Hildreth. You ready to die?”

Hildreth rose to his feet. “No.”

“Good answer.”

The two men ran at each other.


Kleine lowered his mouth to her neck.

Elsie didn’t think.

She reacted.

She grabbed his hair and yanked it with all of her strength.

As he yelped and hollered about that, she smashed him in the face with his own fist repeatedly.

“You little rotter!”

She yanked his hair so hard a whole clump came out.

He let out an inhuman screech and rose to his feet. “My…my…my hair.” He turned to one of his cronies. “Does it look bad? Please tell me it doesn’t look bad.”

“Ehhh…I don’t want to be the one to say it, but uhhh. It looks bad.”

“No! NOooo!” He dropped to his knees and wailed. “I’m ruined. Ruined! I’ll never find love now! Someone kill that hunter! I would do it myself, but….Ahhgh, my hair!”

She stood. “Who wants to die first?”

The other vampires converged on her.

She smiled and started her dance.


Ambrose swung a low punch to Hildreth’s gut.

Hildreth caught his fist and pushed it off course.

“You aren’t going to win. I will kill you. I will change you.”

Don’t think.

Don’t listen.

“You can’t kill me. You don’t have any stakes.”

“Then, I’ll settle for knocking you out.”

Shin kick.

Chest kick.

Grab head and smack into knee.

Ambrose extended his claws. “You won’t win. I’ll kill you, Hildreth. I’ll kill you and Elsie will be mine.” He laughed. “I’ll enjoy making love to her and she’ll enjoy it too.”

Hildreth let out a yell and went full out undisciplined banzai berserk. He pummeled him as if Ambrose were just a human-shaped punching bag.

Ambrose weakened and crumpled to the floor. “stop. STOP! That’s enough!”

“It isn’t. I hate you. I HATE YOU!”

“Mayhew. Stop.”

Ambrose vanished.

Hildreth sat back on his feet and closed his eyes. He laid his hands flat on the floor, but they wouldn’t stay still. They curled and uncurled with a complete lack of synchronization.

His emotions were all wrecked up. He wanted to sob. A big howler of a sob. But it wouldn’t come out. He could feel it trapped just above his diaphragm.

He hunched his shoulders. His breaths came out in gasps and almost sobs.


He opened his eyes and slowly looked up.

Master Shinowa looked down at him.


One. Two. Three. Four. Five. She moved through her paces. Smooth. Breathtaking. Powerful.

The vampires fell before her. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. None of them could withstand her. Even though they all tried.

Soon, she and Kleine were the only two left standing.

They stood in a straight line from each other – each one waiting for the other to make the first move.

Kleine contemplated the bodies of his fallen comrades and shook his head. “Nope. Just nope.” He ran to the edge of the roof and jumped off.

Elsie stood there, utterly stunned by his cowardice. But only for a minute. She ran to the edge of the roof, jumped off, and chased after him.


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