Part 357 – A Master’s Grief

Ambrose staggered outside into the sunlight and cold air.

Just as everyone else was coming and going.

The mad array of scents assaulted his senses.

He smiled.


Hildreth twirled the pizza dough into the air.


The tone of his voice caught Hildreth’s attention. He looked over at him and panicked at Master Shinowa’s stricken expression. “What is it, Master?” He set the dough on the pan. “Is it Elsie?”

“No. Phone called…” Master Shinowa took a breath and exhaled through his nose. “My brother owns motel outside Indust City.” His mouth twitched downwards. “He owned motel.”

Hildreth came over to him. “What happened?”


“How many casualties?”

“My brother Kencha is died.”

“He hasn’t been changed?”

Master Shinowa shook his head.

“Master. I am so sorry. What can I do?”

He shook his head. “Please excuse. I need—”

Hildreth set his hands on the other man’s shoulders. “Master. What can I do?”

“I need meditate. Please, Mayhew. Let me meditate.”

“I understand.” He released him. “Let me know what you decide.”

Master Shinowa bowed and left.

Hildreth returned to his pizza.

Was it Ambrose?


Why would he be in Indust City? It must have been another vampire. After all, Ambrose Smith is not the only vampire on Earth.


Master Shinowa sat in the middle of the training room. He closed his eyes and bowed his head. He let his thoughts find their own paths and ways.

Kencha appeared with a big smile on his face. His long black hair was tied up in a high-set ponytail. He held out his arms and embraced all who walked past him. Friends. Strangers. Family.




A vampire wearing a full kendo mask appeared and held out his hands to Kencha.

Kencha smiled and extended his hands to the vampire.

The vampire turned into a snake and spiraled up Kencha’s arm up to his neck and bit him.

He tried to pull the snake off, but he failed.

And he fell.

The vision ended.

Master Shinowa didn’t open his eyes and he kept his head bowed. “What should I do, brother? What is right? Revenge? Forgiveness? What you would have me do? Show me! Let me see. Let me know, my brother.”

His brother did not reappear.

Instead, Master Shinowa saw himself standing in a vast field of yellow and white flowers. It extended in every direction. So, there was no telling where it began or ended.

He stood still, uncertain and lost. There was everywhere he could go and nowhere at all.

But it is up to me to make first step.

What is right step?




If one of my students asked me such question, what answer would I give?

He smiled.

The vision ended.

He opened his eyes.

“Yes.” Tears fell down his face. “I understand.”

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