Part 353 – I Wonder When…

Ambrose came out of the shower and wrung out his clothes. He hung them up in the small closet space in the bedroom, pulled the curtains, crawled deep under the blankets, face planted into the pillow, and fell asleep.

Just as dawn crept across the horizon.


Raven looked up at the sky.

Dawn was coming.

He could feel it inside his bones.

He smiled. I did it. I sat here and watched her all night. She is safe.

I wonder when he will return.


Barbara got ready for work, put her coat on, and walked out the door.

A man in a thick military jacket walked past her house.

Huh. He almost looked like Raven.

Her mind jumped from Raven to Ambrose.

I wonder when he’ll come back.


Elsie woke up from another dream about Ambrose.

It was not a good dream.

She walked downstairs to her training room and took it all out on her punching bag.

When will Hildreth come home?


Sammy got dressed and took a deep breath.

I can do this.

I can get through another day without killing someone with my emotions.

I can talk to Ms. Addleston and be near her without setting the office on fire.

It’s a new day.

Everything will be fine.

He thought about Ambrose. I’m sure he’s going through the savage hunger now. Maybe I shouldn’t have let him drink from me. But he was hungry and broken and unwell. I had no choice.

Sammy sighed. Depending on what time the hunger started, Mr. Smith should return to his normal sense of being some time tonight.

If he can get through this day.

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