Part 352 -Big Beep-A-Roop-Bop Bogo Cottage Inn

The dragon blood still inside his body healed up his injuries.

The tract of mud surrounding him made it difficult to stand, but he managed to slip and slime himself up to his feet.

A single word came into his mind. One small thought.


He tried to run his hand through his hair. Mud slurdged between his fingers and wedged underneath his fingernails.

He looked at his muddied hands. An image of hot water falling and cleaning flashed in his mind.

“Want shower.”

Ambrose smiled.

He knew where to go.


It was a long trek from the field back to the train tracks all the way to the nearest town.

The mud froze and hardened on his clothes and skin, but Ambrose was not concerned.

He knew exactly where he was going.

He’d been there before.

And it was still there. Right where he knew it would be.

Every town has its layers. There’s the heart of town and several layers out is the outskirts of town.

Big Beep-A-Roop-Bop Bogo Cottage Inn sat on the southern hem of Indust City.

The sign said Inn but it was really just a motel with a full lineup of rooms facing the crowded parking lot. All of their doors were closed.

Except for one.

Ambrose beelined for that room.

A maid was singing Spanish polka music as she vacuumed around the beds.

Ambrose walked right up to her, grabbed the vacuum cleaner, unplugged it, and tossed it out the door.

The maid gaped at him and launched into a Spanish/English conglomeration of a rant.

“Don’t care.” He pushed her out the door and locked her out.

She banged her fist on the door and kept on ranting.

Ambrose ignored her and went into the bathroom. He took his shoes off and stepped into the bathtub otherwise fully dressed.  He turned the water to the hottest setting and let the water melt the mud off.

As soon as he felt that his clothes were reasonably clean, he took them off and tossed them onto the counter. Mud-tinged water splattered the mirror.

He switched the faucet setting to jet stream and relaxed as the water pounded on his spine.



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