Part 350 – If I Close My Eyes…

Ambrose looked at her. He barely noticed her fish and seaweed scent. He saw her as something that would stop the hunger. He needed to stop the hunger.

She was speaking. Saying words that didn’t make sense. Words that didn’t even matter.

He dug his claws into the wooden floor as his stomach clenched up on him again.  He resisted the urge to retch.  Each cough and retch and gag did nothing but raise his body temperature. And he was already too warm.

And he was still hungry.

He leapt at her.

She quickly transformed into a larger than average cat and sprang onto his back onto the nearest crate onto her lookout crate.

He stalked over to the lookout and attacked it with his claws.

She hissed a long, angry sound at him. Words crackled inside the hiss. Simple and subtle words.

Magic words.

A powerful force slammed into his chest, pushing him back against a standalone crate.

He snarled at her.

“You aren’t welcome here. This here is my turf. Get out, get lost, and don’t ever come in here ever again.”

His posture stiffened.

There were certain words and phrases and formalities one had to use and abide by when revoking an invitation.

She disregarded them all.

But her words were powerful enough to send him marching outside against his will.

The door slammed shut behind him.

“Arraaah!’ He spun around and kicked the door down.

She objected with far too many words.

Words he chose to ignore as he walked down to the train tracks.


The rain had stopped and the entire world below the Williards’ family mausoleum was quiet and still.

Not a single vampire in sight.

Elsie looked up at the night sky.

If I close my eyes, he’ll be there behind me.

If I close my eyes, he’ll lay his hands on my shoulders.

If I close my eyes, he’ll say my name.

If I close my eyes, he’ll kiss me and say that he loves me.

She paced. “Where are they? I can always count on at least two vampires walking through here. Why aren’t they here? Don’t they know I need to stake something?”

Her thoughts drifted back to her phone conversation with Hildreth.

She jumped off the flat roof and landed in a crouch.


Hildreth is an idiot.

Ambrose is gone. He won’t come back into my life. I know he won’t.

Why can’t Hildreth see that as clearly as I can? Why does he have to be so afraid?

“Why aren’t there any vampires out here tonight?”


Elsie managed to walk all over Havaton without encountering one vampire.

Time ticked on.

Time dragged on.

Not one vampire.

The midnight sky yawned into pre-dawn blue.

Not one vampire.

Disgusted with her lack of luck, Elsie went back home and curled up into bed.

If I close my eyes, he’ll be here.

Hildreth will be here.

He’ll be with me.

So, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.


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