Part 329 – Say Good-Bye To Ambrose. He’s Leaving Now Too.

Ambrose looked out the window and watched for the train.

Savagely hungry.


He shuddered.

Barbara lay her hand on his shoulder. “Are you cold?”

“A little.” Cold and frightened. Will this hunger be worse than what I experienced at Mark Caten’s freak show/amusement park? I don’t want to go through that again. “You know, I never wanted to be a vampire.”

She looked up at him, surprised.

“Oh, there are some strange, misguided people out there who want to be changed so they can have power over others. So, they can be the attacker instead of the attacked. I was never one of them. I was happy in my life.” He hesitated. “I was changed against my will. My lady never told me what to expect. She changed me and left me without any knowledge, without anything to eat. I had to stumble my way through those first several months, trying to make sense of this strange new me.”

She leaned her face against his upper arm. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.”  He smiled at her. “If I had lived and died as a human, if I had never been changed, I never would have met you. I’m so glad I’ve had this chance to meet you and know you.”

“You make it sound like you’re not coming back.”

What if Sammy’s wrong? What if that savage hunger doesn’t end? What if I can’t fill it? What if I become an insatiable monster? “I will be delayed.”

She raised her head. “For how long?”

“A couple of days. Maybe longer.”

“But you will come back? Won’t you?”

Maybe I should stay away for good. That way I can’t hurt her.

“Ambrose? You will come back?”

The train blared out its two toned call.

He looked at her and longed to gather her up in his arms and never let go. “Yes. I’ll return. I promise.” He kissed her and she happily joined in.

“Don’t let yourself get staked.”

His hands traveled down her face to her neck to her shoulders. “I won’t. I’ll come back to you.”

The train pulled up to the station and stopped.

“Be safe, Barbara. Don’t get changed or killed or—”

Sammy cleared his throat. “The train is here. You should go now.”

He kissed her one last time. “Be safe. Promise me you’ll be safe.”

She spread her hands on his chest. “I’ll be safe. I promise. Just come back to me.”

“I will.” He ran outside and gave his ticket to the conductor.

Barbara ran out onto the platform. She hugged Ambrose so hard and so fast it knocked him back a couple of steps.

Neither one said a word. They just held each other until the conductor cleared his throat. Only then did they break apart.

“I promise.” said Ambrose.

“I promise.” she replied.

Sammy came out and stood beside her.

Ambrose looked at him and all of his fears returned. “I promise.” He boarded the train.

“Allllllll aboooooard!”

The doors closed and the train hurried away.

4 thoughts on “Part 329 – Say Good-Bye To Ambrose. He’s Leaving Now Too.”

  1. Another great scene. It’s hard to pick which one was my favorite goodbye. They both had their share of emotional turmoil. I do like how you alternated parts , bouncing from one set of characters to another. This created an awesome cinema like effect.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!

      If I had to pick which was my favorite good-bye to write, I’d probably say this one. Even though the other one did help set the tone of this one. Hmm. Is it okay if I choose them both? 😀

      When I decided to ship the guys off on their separate quests, I knew that I wanted them to leave at the same time. I’m glad you liked how it turned out . 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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