Part 319 – Barbara’s Great Revelation

Raven scrambled off the bed only to get his foot snared by the blanket. Somehow. He tripped and fell.

Footsteps heading up the hall.

He untangled his foot as fast as he could.

Footsteps approaching the bedroom door.

He stood straight and dusted himself off.

Footsteps stopped outside the bedroom door.

Raven didn’t consider pros and cons. He didn’t make any plans. He just rushed headlong/half-stumbled to the door and yanked it open.

A skinny man and a woman with honey blonde hair stood on the other side. They appeared to be somewhere between startled and guilty.

“I’m sorry for breaking and entering.” said the woman.

He extended his claws. “What are you doing in my house?”

“Looking for vampire.” said the man. “Ambrose Smith.”

Raven focused on him. “There is no one here by that name.”

“His scent is here.”

“You are mistaken, sir.”

“Not mistaken, vampire. My nose is truth teller.”

“Not this time, sir.”

“Please.” said the woman. “Is he here?”

“He is here, Barbara. His scent is strong. Not old and gone.”

“May I see him?”

Raven focused on her. Her image rippled and blurred.

“James, please.”

He opened his eyes.

May Rose’s image vanished. Barbara stood in her place.

“I don’t mind him being here, if he is here. I just want to know. I want to see that he’s alive and well. I need to see him.”

“Are you a hunter?”

She giggled. “Who? Me? Not at all.”

“Can I trust you?”


“What of your companion?”

Kevin raised his shoulders as if he were raising his hackles. “What about you, vampire? You plan hurt her, hurt me?”

“I hate to state something overly obvious, but, you sir, reek like the worst brand of garbage. I may be a vampire, but I will not feed from one who smells so wretchedly. Not even if I were ill and your blood were my salvation.”

“Why are all vampires such jerks? Unknowing jerks. Scent is scent. Can’t be controlled, concealed, or changed. Scent is skin, hair, bones, and blood. It is as it is.”

“Is Ambrose here?”


He opened his eyes. “Yes.”

“May I see him?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Barbara Addleston. I’m Ambrose’s…Hm. I guess you can call me his girlfriend.” She giggled. “I’ve never thought about our relationship that way till now. I’m his girlfriend and he’s my boyfriend. Ha!”

The man looked far from pleased by her great revelation.

“Question is, if a guy is over a hundred years old, can he still be called a boy friend? Doesn’t seem right. Doesn’t even make sense.”

Raven opened his eyes. “So. You are her.”


“You may come with me.” He gave the other man a disapproving glance over. “You may stay out here.” He smiled. “That is not a suggestion.”

Kevin glared at him.

Barbara¬†wrapped her arm around Raven’s back.

He looked down at her. “What?”

“You look like you could tip over any second.”

“Barbara. Don’t. He’s vampire. Not trustworthy. If he hurt you—”

“Kev, if he tries to hurt me in any way, you have my permission to go werewolf level crazy. Okay?”

“Not like vampire.”

“I know.”

“Either vampire.”

She smiled. “I know. But I need to know if he’s okay. Okay?”

“Not okay.”


He smiled. “But…werewolf level crazy okay?”

“If he tries to hurt me.”



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