Merry Christmas!

Wow. It’s Christmas Eve already. Can you believe it? I think I can. 😀  I mean, I have a lit tree in the living room and a bunch of wrapped gifts in the spare bedroom. So, it must be Christmas Eve.

This past year has been amazing! I got up the nerve and derring-do to create this blog ambroseandelsie with only a handful of stories as a (very) rough outline. I wasn’t sure how many followers I would get, but I felt that this story needed to be fleshed out so bad. And the story has grown far beyond that original handful with characters and situations that weren’t even a thought before I started this blog. It has been a crazy, crazy ride all the way up to 318 (eep!) chapters.

Thank you and a giant bag of Reeses to everyone who has followed my blog and commented on the individual chapters. I appreciate every follow and every comment (especially as this story has grown to such a crazy length). I’ve enjoyed reading your posts as well. Some have made me laugh. Others have made me happy with the beauty in the words chosen and the message conveyed by them. Still others have choked me up with the actions and words and thoughts of their characters.

I wish you all a great and blessed Christmas.

And we will see what the new year will bring for Ambrose. Maybe he’ll finally settle down and live happily ever after with Barbara. Maybe Elsie and Hildreth will get their happily ever after too. We’ll see.  😀


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