Part 303 – Trash Talking A Werewolf

Vampire, go home! Shoo! Git!

Ambrose scowled at what he hoped was the right direction. “Why don’t you ‘git’ yourself, you rubbish stenched dog?”

Werewolf! NOT DOG!

“Yeah, whatever. Your lousy stench is polluting Barbara’s house. So, get out of here!”

The werewolf growled. You go.

“You wish.”

Barbara be mine. Not yours.


Barbara see me, she want me back.

“Why would she even want to be in a relationship with something that smells like rotting trash? Do you want to know what I smell like?”


“Oh, nice. No, I smell good. I smell warm and masculine and attractive.”

Like dirty and dank and dark sewer.

“What? You consider that attractive? Good luck finding any decent women.”

Found one already. Barbara.

“But she’s mine. She wants me. She loves me, werewolf. She wants to marry me.”

Kevin let out a plaintive squeak. Proposed? Accepted?

“Not yet. But she’s eagerly awaiting it.” All of his anger and fear lifted as he realized a great truth. “I will propose to her. And she will say yes. She will be my wife and I will love her even more than I already do.”

I want second chance.

“You don’t get one. So, get out of here before my good mood turns bad.”

I return. Will return. Barbara see me. Barbara love me, want me more than she want you.

“Fine. Be stupid. Come on back. I’ll be waiting for you with a brand new silver sword.”


Kevin’s footsteps retreated into the kitchen and disappeared. His scent faded.


Ambrose waited a few minutes. Just to make sure that Kevin wasn’t going to come sneaking back.

Kevin, however, did not make a reappearance.

“Good.” Ambrose followed Barbara’s scent to her bedroom. He found the doorknob, but hesitated.

Maybe I should leave her alone.

Maybe I should just leave. But leave without telling her good-bye? She wouldn’t understand. She’d be hurt.

I don’t want to hurt her again.

I need to see her. Even if I can’t see her.

He turned the doorknob, opened the door, and entered the room.


7 thoughts on “Part 303 – Trash Talking A Werewolf”

    1. Thank you!

      I originally was going to have Ambrose get into a full blown fight with Kevin. But I didn’t like how the fight scene was turning out. So, I decided to make it a verbal battle instead. Especially since it’s been a while since Ambrose has gone into full snarky vampire mode (which is a lot of fun to write).

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