Part 302 – Danger, Ambrose Smith! Danger! Danger!

“Temporary, he said. He said this would be temporary.” He clenched his teeth as his right leg got caught up in the wrong side.


“Why is this so difficult?” He tried again and got it right.

Only to discover that his slacks were inside out.

He growled. “I’m going to tear these to shreds. If I put them on wrong one more time, I swear I’ll tear them apart!”


Ambrose walked out into the hall fully dressed with the exception of his feet, which were completely bare. His shoes were currently lying in the bathtub, where he’d thrown them after failing to put them on right.

He leaned against the doorway as panic seized him again.

There’s no way I can get through this darkness.  It’s everywhere. If I move, I’ll fall into it and I won’t stop falling.


He raised his head and listened.

Nothing. Just me breathing.

But he kept listening.

And he heard it.

The tic-tic-tic of claws on a tile floor.

The kitchen. There’s something in her kitchen. But maybe it’s just a mouse. Yeah. A really heavy mouse.

Ambrose trailed his hand along the wall as he headed towards the sound.

The tic-tic-tic disappeared, deadened by the hallway carpet.

The murky scent of garbage reeked up the air.

Ambrose stopped.

Something just ahead of him growled a low, deep inside the chest, growl.


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