Part 287 – Dragons In Action Mode

Olessa glanced at the two dragons as they communicated with each other. “Would be nice if I knew what you two were saying.” She smiled down at Ambrose. “But it’s a small matter.”

She knelt beside him. “And it doesn’t matter.”

He looked up at her with eyes wild with fear and desperation.

She touched the tip of the switchblade to right above his heart. “You and I have much better things to do.”

He violently shook his head.

“Don’t worry. This should hurt only for a second or two.” She shrugged. “Theoretically.”

She frowned as Ambrose’s bonds crumbled away. “What—”

Then, the dragon’s mouth closed around her.


Ambrose looked up at the midnight blue dragon looming above his head. The rich scent of sandalwood and incense surrounded him.


The dragon bowed his head and contemplated Ambrose for a few moments. Before diving down with large, open mouth.

Ambrose didn’t even get a chance to gasp.

The mouth closed around him.


Estrella waited for Sammy to become skye before releasing her prisoner.

The feathers on Olessa’s Mardi Gras mask were sopped down limp into her eyeholes. Saliva dripped off her jacket and clothes in thick, heavy glops.

“Ugh! You disgusting, horrible, filthy—”

Estrella stuck her large head into Olessa’s face.  You don’t remember me.

Olessa swiped the saturated feathers out of her line of sight and busied herself with trying to brush off the layers of drool off her clothes.

I remember you, Olessa Caten. She swished her long tail. I remember you.

The hunter stopped and, for the first time, she actually noticed the opal colored dragon with the gold wings.

“Oh. Estrella. Oh, shoot. Look. What I did, I did for scientific—”

The windows in the building behind her exploded.

“If you hurt me, my father will—”

Windows on the other side of the courtyard exploded.

Olessa backed away from her. “He’ll target you and everyone you love. Is that what you want, dragon? Is it?”

She stalked towards the human. You ‘ve hurt me, hunter. You’ve hurt Ambrose Smith. You’ve hurt many others.

“That’s all old news to me.”

The roof behind her caved in.

Estrella’s back spikes stood on end. It is not old news to me. It is every day. Every moment. Every minute. Every nightmare. You let them lock me in that cold place. And you left me there to die.

The air around them grew uncomfortably warm.

The hunter backed further away.  “So, what are you going to do about it?” She said it with brash bravado, but the dragon wasn’t fooled. She could see the fear in the human’s eyes.

I am going to kill you. If your father wants to come after me, She bared her long, sharp teeth. I will kill him too.

“Not if I can help it. Don’t forget, you old bat, I am not just a small human. I am Olessa Mae Caten and I am a hunter.” The hunter ran at the dragon. The small switchblade glinted in her hand. “And I’m going to take you down!”

2 thoughts on “Part 287 – Dragons In Action Mode”

    1. Hahahaha! Absolutely! She is a wonderfully horrible person.

      For the record, I loved writing this confrontation between Estrella and Olessa. It was one of those big cinematic moments that was a joy to write.

      Liked by 1 person

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