Part 285 – Estrella And Sammy To The Rescue!

WHY? His voice screamed in her head. WHY?

She winced and rubbed the sides of her head.  The blood from her wrist drooled down her arm to stain her jacket’s cuff. “Hmm. That was interesting. I should write this down in my observation journal. And to answer your question, scientific curiosity.”

She rubbed her hands together. “I’m so excited about my next experiment. No one’s ever done this before. Certainly no hunter has. I’ll probably win some sort of award for this. Maybe even the Nobel Peace Prize! Wouldn’t that be something?”

“Everyone knows that vampires can’t be killed by anything other than a stake to the heart. But no one knows what happens if—” She flicked her switchblade open. “—if you cut out a vampire’s heart.”


Sammy flew over a vast tract of snow covered pine trees. He kept his mind calm and focused as he scanned the area for any signs of civilization. Any buildings or ostentatious structures that screamed “MARK CATEN OWNS THIS PLACE”.


Ambrose shook his head.


She smiled. “If I slice through all of the connecting veins and arteries and muscles, will you still live?”


Estrella soared high in the sky. The pine forest far below was only a white and green quilt.

She thought of Barbara. “Don’t worry, child. We’ll find him.”


“Would you become a zombie?”



There it is!

A wide, rectangular building sat in the northern corner of the forest. A building with a large courtyard in the middle.

It reminded him of some sort of prison.

Maybe it is the place I’m looking for.

Maybe it isn’t.

But I would be the worst kind of fool if I did not check it out.

Sammy pinned his wings close to his body and dropped sharp and fast – like a gannet diving into the sea.


“Will your heart continue to beat?”


Estrella recognized Sammy’s long, dark form even from up high.

He pinned his wings and dived towards the ground.

She hurried to catch up to him.


The hunter smiled too brightly “Let’s find out.”

Ambrose extended his claws to attack her, but his wrists were still pinned down.

She slit his shirt open.

He thrashed and kicked and tried to twist his body away from her.

All to no avail.

He was pinned down.

He couldn’t escape.



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