Part 280 – Observations

The creature crouched beside him and said nothing. It fixed its smiling gaze on him.

Ambrose thrashed his head and pulled against the collar, until he was hopelessly winded. He lay his head back on the ground and struggled to catch his breath in between shivers.

The creature watched his misery for several minutes. The falling snow collected on its cape.

Then, it unfastened the muzzle’s out of sight buckles and uncovered his face. It held its bared bone wrist close to Ambrose’s mouth.

He shuddered and tried to pull away. But his collar held him still. He shook his head.

The creature did not move its wrist away.




Ambrose sank his fangs into the wrist, but there was no blood. Just snow dusted bone. He let out an anguished cry. So hungry. So hungry. “Why? WHY?”

The creature gave him no answer. It refastened the muzzle and left.


The snow melted off the cape as the creature went inside.

She set the fake skeleton arms on the table and hung up her cape.

“And we have another successful experiment.” She pulled out a slim black notebook out of her red superhero costume and wrote,

Subject did not automatically bite skeleton arm.

Subject did bite it out of (assumed) desperation.

Subject also seems to fear skeletons. Need to do more experiments to verify said fear. Are other vampires like this? Will need to obtain other test subjects and find out.

Subject also shows no sign of hypothermia or frostbite. Interesting. Must perform this experiment on other vampires. Are they all immune to the cold? Or is it just him being a special little blossom?

She stopped to admire her skull face in the mirrored wall. “It’s amazing the things one can do with make-up and the right kind of on-line tutorial.”

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