Part 277 – Six Months Later…Ambrose

The pine sap scent of winter tinged the cold air. The wind blustered needles into Ambrose’s skin and froze the metal surrounding his wrists and neck.

Ambrose lay still on his back and stared blankly at the gray afternoon sky.

He tried to think, but his thoughts came only in bits and pieces that didn’t quite match up. Trying to figure out those pieces made his head hurt even more than it already did.

He closed his eyes and his mind reeled in too many directions all at once. Spinning and twirling and revealing memories. Glints and edges of memories of the past six months, of every experiment she performed on him.

He took a breath and exhaled a shuddered sob.

Something cold landed on his skin. Sprinkles of cold on his face, his arms, his hands.

He startled violently and opened his eyes.

It wasn’t holy water as he had feared.

It was snow.

And it was coming down in fast, heavy clumps.


Elsie answered her phone. “Hello?”

“Hello. I’m Sammy Borscht. I understand you’re Mark Caten’s hunter. Is that true?”

“I was, but not anymore. We had a bad falling out.”

“Ah. Would you happen to know the location of his various business properties?”

She frowned. “Who are you exactly, Mr. Borscht? And why should I tell you anything?”


His expression went blank. But his desk lamp knocked over, anyway. “I am the owner of Sammy’s Place here in Pinkerlee. I run a business matching extraordinaries with suitable jobs.”

“That is very admirable of you.”

“Thank you. That is very kind of you to say. The reason why I’m calling is Mark Caten has stolen away one of my employees and I intend to bring him back. Can you help me, Ms. Vansing?”


Elsie’s face went pale as she remembered what Ambrose went through when they put him on display.

I can’t let that happen to anyone else. “Yes. I will help you.”


“Thank you, Ms. Vansing.” Sammy grabbed a pen and paper. “I’m ready when you are. Give me the locations from the nearest to Pinkerlee to the furthest.”


The cruel hunter walked up to Ambrose and dusted his face off. Her mask covered just the upper half of her face.

He shivered.

“Hmm. You aren’t showing any signs of frostbite or hypothermia. Interesting.” She smiled with a cruel brightness. “I’ll be back in a couple of hours. Have fun lying there!”

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