Part 272 – No Longer Hungry

“Well. That was fun.” But it doesn’t get me fed.

Mark Caten barged towards the cage. His garlic scent was especially strong.

Ambrose smiled. “Or maybe it does.”

“You lime sick sack of diseased vulture guts!”

“Is there a problem?”

“Problem? Problem? You destroyed all of my cameras. How am I supposed to watch you now?”

Ambrose laughed. “Not at all. Apparently.”

“Oh, you think you’re sooo funny. You think this is all just a fun-filled game.”

“I’m in a cage. I’m hungry. I don’t see any way to escape. I’d hardly say that this is fun or a game.”

“Oh, you’re hungry. Oh, boo-hoo-freaking-hoo. My hunter’s coming. She’s going to mess you up so good. I’ll enjoy every minute of it.”

“I’m sure you will.” He smirked. “Just not on your tv screen.”

“Shut up!”

“Why don’t you come in here and make me shut up?”

“Oh, you’d like that.”

“It’s what you want. I broke your stupid dinky Walmart brand $1.99 a piece on sale for 85 cents cameras.”

Mark Caten grabbed the bars. “I bought them at Neiman Marcus, you heathen! And they were full price!”

Ambrose lunged forward and dug his claws into the back of Mark’s hand, causing the other man’s fingers to involuntarily spring open. He yanked the freed hand into the cage and bit its wrist.

The blood poured in.  Ambrose moaned blissfully as the blood high took over.


When he returned to his senses, Mark Caten was gone.

The cruel hunter stood in his place.


2 thoughts on “Part 272 – No Longer Hungry”

  1. Love this whole sequence with Ambrose destroying the cameras, ending with Caten’s rant about buying them full price. That added a dose of humor to a otherwise tense episode and showed just how ridiculous he can be in moments of anger 😉 This makes him an enjoyable villain, though I do want him to die badly, lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      I had a lot of fun writing both of those parts. 😀 Funny thing is I don’t think Neiman Marcus even sells those kind of cameras. But it just sounded so right. Knowing him , he probably harassed them into special ordering the cameras for him. He’s just that kind of person. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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