Part 270 – Ambrose and Barbara Lose Their Cool

Mark Caten folded his arms across his chest and sighed. “Are you all done being a big baby about nothing?”

Ambrose took all of his anger out on the cage door. He grabbed the bars and tried to pull them apart. When that failed, he attacked them with his claws.

“Well. I’ll come back later when you’re in a more civilized frame of mind.”

Ambrose screamed at him and bashed his fists against the door.


“I’m going to kill you. You hear me, Caten? I’m going to kill you!”

Mark Caten walked away, laughing.


Barbara scurried out of the car and ran unthinking towards the inferno.

“Ms. Addleston!” Sammy caught up to her and grabbed her arms.

“No! Let me go! Let me go! If he’s here, I have to find him.” She struggled to break free.

“Ms. Addleston.” His voice became gentle.. “It’s too late. If he’s there, if Mr. Smith is in there—”

“You don’t understand. Fire doesn’t kill vampires. Only a stake to the heart can kill them.”

“But, Ms. Addleston, you aren’t a vampire.”

She stopped struggling.

“If he’s in there, he will have to escape completely on his own.”

“What if he’s trapped?”

“I’m sorry. I can’t let you go inside. Come with me, Ms. Addleston. Please.”

She looked back at the park and startled.

A figure moved through the flames.

“It’s Ambrose. Let me go! It’s Ambrose!”

The figure stepped out of the flames, completely unscathed.

It wasn’t Ambrose.

It was a woman. Her hair might have been white or it might have been light pink, but it wasn’t even singed.

Barbara escaped Sammy’s grip and marched over to the other woman. “You go back in there. Go into the vampire exhibit. Find Ambrose. If he’s in there, rescue him. Get him out.”

“Barbara, calm.”

“No! I can’t. Not now. Go in there. Find him. You hear me? You find him.”

“I made sure that all of the exhibits were clear before I set them aflame. Your Ambrose was not in there.”

“Then, where is he?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know.”

Barbara returned to the car, got into the back seat, and slammed the door. She rubbed her neck.

Where is he?

How can I find him?

Sammy opened her door. “Ms. Addleston.”

She looked up at him. “Help me, Sammy. You know Mark Caten better than I do. Help me find Ambrose.”

His expression went blank. But the overhead light cracked anyway. “I will do what I can, Ms. Addleston.”


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