Part 269 – KA-BOOM!

His hand still held onto her hair.

His breath remained hot against her skin.

His fangs stayed deep inside her neck.

Barbara rubbed her neck over and over as if that action would make the marks or the memory disappear. They hardened under her touch.

She cried softly. What will Ambrose think? What will he do? I could try to hide it from him, but—

She buried her face in her hands and sobbed.

I didn’t want…

I didn’t.

I never…never…

I wish Ambrose were here. I want him to hold me in his arms. I want him to kiss away my fears. I want to feel his arms around me. I want to hear his voice. I want…

“Ms. Addleston. You don’t have to fear. If he had changed you, you would know by now.”

“What if it’s a delayed reaction? What…What if…”

“No. You would know without a doubt, Ms. Addleston.” He sighed. “So, I’ve heard.” He waited a moment. “Was Mr. Smith in the vampire exhibit?”

“I don’t know. It was too dark. I didn’t go all the way inside. I don’t…I don’t…”

“I could return and check for you. If you wish so?”

She uncovered her face. “Could you? I can’t go back in there. I…”

“I understand. Stay here, Ms. Addleston. I will return.” He opened the car door and stepped outside.

Just as the whole park went up in flames.


Mark Caten answered his phone. “Caten. What?” His mouth dropped open. “My park…Wide-spread…You blithering idiot! Call the fire department!” He ended his call.

My park. I was so proud of it. I created it from a one sick dragon display to a veritable place of wonderment.

That girl. His expression darkened into a scowl. She had something to do with it. I’m sure of it.

He slammed his phone face down onto his desk. “Guess I’ll have to pay Ambrosia another social call.”


Ambrose leaned his head against the metal bars. He wanted to be furious. He wanted to cry and scream in furious bouts of hurt and rage.

He couldn’t do anything.

He couldn’t feel anything except completely gutted.

First Maria.

Now her.


“And I can’t…” He exhaled softly. “I can’t go rushing to her side to save her. Even if I found a way to escape, I’d have to run all the way there. I’d never make it in time. I can’t save her. I can’t even try.”


The scent of fresh garlic.

Ambrose raised his head.”What do you want from me?”

“Tell me about this Barbara.”


“Ambrosia, this is not a polite request. It’s a direct order.”

“I know.”

“Then, obey me.”

“Why? You my mother or something?”

“No. I am your god. I get to decide if you live through the night. I get to decide if you get anything to eat. I get to decide if and when you get visited by a particular torture happy hunter.”

“I’m not going to worship you, if that’s what you’re leading up to.”

“Who is she?”

“You’re a pig lard swiller.”


His anger broke through his emotional lockdown. He bashed his fist on the bars.

Mark Caten took a step back.

“Don’t call me that name! It is not my name. I am Ambrose Smith. That is who I am. Ambrosia doesn’t exist.”

“That’s not what I’ve heard.”

“Well, you have faulty hearing. I am Ambrose.”

“Lovely. Back to Barbara.”

“No. I don’t have to tell you anything about her. You don’t deserve to know anything about her. You—” All of his grief and pain broke free of their restraints and took full possession of him.

He opened his mouth and the grief and the pain from everyone he’d ever lost exploded out of him in a loud, gut-wrenched cry.


6 thoughts on “Part 269 – KA-BOOM!”

    1. Thank you!

      I almost wimped out and had Sammy rescue her before she could be bitten, but I thought it would create some interesting character complications if she were bit without being changed. (Poor Barbara. She came so close to getting through this story physically unscathed. 😦 )

      That whole last exchange between Ambrose and Mark Caten came out so fast. I was totally in my happy writing zone. I’m happy with how it came out. Especially Mark’s “I am your god” line. As I typed out that line I was like “Oh my gosh. Is he really saying this out loud?” 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Awesome! I wasn’t expecting her to get bit, but that was such an exciting turn. And personally, I’m glad Sammy let loose like he did, though the repercussions may be bad. Caten is still a character I would like to see torn limb from limb, lol. His “I am your God” speech is priceless. All in all these last few chapters have been a roller coaster ride!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      Hahaha! Yes, Caten is just horrible beyond the exact definition of horrible. I don’t think he’s going to make it out of this story alive. Although, I will admit that I am tempted to leave him alive as an ongoing threat to Ambrose’s health and happiness.

      But, nah. He’s gonna die. I just haven’t decided how or why it’s going to happen. Ambrose will have to be the one to strike the killing blow. I know that much for sure.

      To be honest, I almost killed him off in one of the earlier chapters, but I had a feeling his role in the story wasn’t quite done.

      And yes. That “I am your god” speech was just so in character for him. If anyone else said it, it would probably feel over the top. Caten? Yep. Just right. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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