Part 267 – It Is Not Ambrose!

Barbara tried her best to rationalize why the vampire exhibit would be left unlocked. The best she could come up with was “For late night viewing.” and even that didn’t fully satisfy her.

“It’s as if someone was waiting for me to come.” She shuddered. “Okay. Now, I’m just creeping myself out. I’m here to rescue Ambrose and that’s what I’m going to do.” She did a small fist pump. “Rawr!”

She opened the door and went inside.


Ambrose’s breath caught in his throat. He looked up at his former employer. “Mark. Please. Don’t do this to her. She’s so young. She’s so innocent. Please. Give me the phone. Let me call her. Let me warn her in time.”

Mark Caten turned his back on Ambrose.

“Hurt me. Stake me. Tear me apart. Just spare her. Let me…”

Mark Caten walked away and left him alone.

Ambrose sat there in a stunned state. He couldn’t think. He couldn’t cry.

All he could do was just breathe – sharp, hurting breaths.


It was dark inside.

Barbara walked through the darkness with her arms flailing about.

I hope I don’t step on any dead bodies. Please don’t let me step on any dead bodies. This is such a set-up for me to step on a dead body. Please don’t let me—

The warm sound of someone breathing into their hands made her stop.

“Well. It looks like the master’s gone and thrown us a treat.”

It isn’t Ambrose! It isn’t him!

She let out a yelp as the man’s hand caressed her throat. “Has anyone ever told you that you smell like semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla beans?”

“Don’t hurt me.”

“Hurt? Don’t worry, our little snack. It will only hurt until you’re dead.” He grabbed the hair on top of her head and pulled her head to the left.

Her arms flailed out ineffectively.

“The master is cruel. The master neglects us so. He doesn’t give us enough food or drink. No. No, the master doesn’t. You don’t know how hungry we are. You don’t know. You don’t.”

His hair brushed against her jawline as he lowered his face to her neck.

I should scream. I should punch him. I should…I…

His fangs pierced her skin.


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