Part 265 – Looking For A Vampire On Display

A bad feeling of claustrophobia came over Barbara as she walked down the paved road.

The exhibits crowded each other, sitting on top of each other’s hips with not even a second’s breath in between them. Their facades were identical, no matter which way Barbara turned her head – a nightmare vision of an outdoor mall. There was no way to tell which exhibit was which without reading the informative placard set before each steel chicken-wired door.

If this moment were a cartoon, the buildings would be looming high over me with wicked eyes and jagged teeth. She sighed. That is so not a cheering thought.

I’m just going to find Ambrose, grab Sammy by his cuff links, and get out of here. It’s a simple plan. Nothing complicated. So, nothing can go wrong. Right?

She walked past the Roc exhibit, the phoenix, the siren…

And there it was: the vampire exhibit.

She was very disappointed with it. There was nothing outstanding about its exterior. Nothing that shouted out “Hey! We have vampires in here! Woot!”

But it isn’t the outside that counts. Barbara thought. She approached the door, expecting it to be locked.

It was unlocked and opened without any resistance.

She took a step back. “This is too easy.”


Sammy pressed his crested head against the soft spot on her throat. I didn’t know he had you here. If I had. If I had even suspected.

Are you alone?

His nictating membranes slid across his large green eyes.

Is there anyone with you? Here? Now?

Just one. One of my employees.

You need to leave, Sammy.

He pulled his head away from her throat and arched his neck. What’s wrong?

Mark Caten came in here. I don’t know when. It’s all a blur. He spoke of a vampire. Ambrose Smith. He has him somewhere. Not here.

He isn’t here?

No. Elsewhere. I do not know where. Mark Caten believed that someone would come here and try to set the vampire free. He expected it to be a vampire hunter for some reason. I do not understand his reasoning. She blinked slowly – one eye closed sooner than the other. Where is your companion now?

She’s looking for Mr. Smith.

She rose to her feet. We must find her. She is in grave danger.

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