Part 261 – Going For A Car Ride With Sammy

Barbara arrived at Sammy’s Place. She tried to think calming thoughts, tried to breathe calm in and breathe calm out. She had no success. As a matter of fact, she flat out failed.

She got out of the car and headed towards the building. Only to stop and return to her car. She shut the car off, pulled out her keys, and ran to the front door.

Half-way there, she dropped her keys. She picked them up and continued running.

She entered the darkened building and stood in the doorway, feeling awkward and fidgety. Doesn’t look like he’s here yet. What should I do? Just stand here? Should I sit down in the lobby? Should I go sit at my desk?

The door behind her opened. “Hello, Ms. Addleston.”

She turned around. “Sammy! Oh, good! You ready to go there and kick tailsides left and right?”

He smiled. “If I see a need to do so, I will gladly kick tails. Let’s take my car.”


Sammy’s car growled a full-throated growl as it sped down the highway.

Barbara sat quietly in the passenger seat.

Sammy side-glanced at her. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m worried.” Her hands fidgeted in her lap.

Sammy stared ahead at the road. He did not want to accidently break anything.

Not while they were driving.

She fell silent for a few minutes. “I’m worried about Ambrose. What kind of shape will he be in when we rescue him? What if he’s too far gone? What if some deranged hunter decided to break into his exhibit and stake him? What if…” She looked out the window. “What if he isn’t even there?”

“Where else would he be?”

“I don’t know. Maybe he escaped. Maybe…” She shrugged. “I don’t know.”

He loosened his grip on the steering wheel and focused on good, calming thoughts.

He really didn’t want the engine to explode.

Not while they were driving.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen when we get there. You should rest, Ms. Addleston.”


Barbara leaned her head against the window and closed her eyes. Memories flashed before her mind.

He threw the dysfunctional pens at the wall.

They stood under the streetlight and kissed.

The Notebook.

Thinking Out Loud.

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.

His fangs piercing her wrist.

His lips kissing her lips.

Hauling his heavy, shirtless body to bed.




The two thugs dragging him away.

She opened her eyes. “Are we there yet?”

“Just a couple more miles, Ms. Addleston.”

She sighed.

“What’s wrong?”

What if he’s just gone? What if I never see him again?

“Ms. Addleston?”

“I’m okay. Just a lot of thoughts in my mind.” She smiled at him. “Don’t worry. I really am fine.”

“I don’t mean to give you more worries.” He side-glanced at her. “Have you considered what will happen after we rescue him?”


“They showed his mug shot on tv. They said that he was a suspect in the train derailment. People died in that derailment, Ms. Addleston. Where is he going to live  once we set him free?”

The words “He can live with me” came readily to her mind, but she didn’t dare say them out loud.  I honestly don’t know if I’d be comfortable with that arrangement. We’re not married. What if…

She shook her head. There are way too many What If’s down that path. “I don’t know. I guess it’s something we’ll have to talk to him about. See what he wants to do.”

He’ll probably want to move in with me. But I don’t know if I want him to do that. But where else could he go?

He loosened his grip on the steering wheel again.

She couldn’t help but wonder what was going on inside his mind.

“That would be the best choice, I suppose.” he said.

She closed her eyes, but she did not fall asleep.

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