Part 255 – Not That Way. This Way.

The van went over another pothole.

“Geesh, bro! You aimin’ for every hole in the road?”

“Shut up.”

Thug #1’s phone rang.

“Don’t you worry, bro. I’ll answer it.”

“Don’t break it.”

Thug #2 answered the phone. “Hey, yeah?”

“Who is it?”

“Oh, yeah. Bro and I got him. Yeah, yeah. All trundled up in a cage. Yeah. Davisburg. Wha? Well. But. Wha?”

“Hey, stupid. Who is it?”

“Hold on.” He moved the phone from his mouth. “It’s big bad boss chick. You know, the hunter.”

“What does she want?”

“Well. She says that we ain’t supposed to take him to Davisburg.”


“That’s what I told her.” He raised the phone and resumed talking to her. “Yeah. Me and my bro don’t get it. The park’s in Davisburg. Wha?” He frowned. “But dang, woman! That’s all the wrong way!”

“What? Let me talk to her.” Thug #1 snatched the phone. “Yeah. It’s me. What the heck are you thinking?” He fell silent.

“What she sayin’, bro?”

“Shh! I see.” He grinded his teeth. “Am I gonna get compensated for my troubles? Extra fifty grand. You don’t like it, come on out here and get him yourself, sweetie.” He smiled. “Ain’t my problem you got a teeny tiny car. Yeah. Fifty grand for me and for my bro.”

“Thanks, bro! You’re always watchin’ out for me.”

“Yeah.” He raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Hundred grand. Well, sweetie. I’ll do it with a smile. Love ya.” He ended the call.

“What she say, bro?”

“We gotta haul him all the way to Addinton.”

“But that’s all the way back there!”

“Hey! They’re gonna pay us extra. Seems they want him all nicely broken in before they get him on display.” He smirked. “Caten weren’t bought and sold on the Masked Vampire idea.”

“I don’t get why, bro.”

“Heh. Neither do I.”


Ambrose opened his eyes.

They’re turning around. Why? Where are they taking me?

Maybe. Maybe they’re going back to get gas. Yeah. That could be. Maybe they’re heading back to Pinkerlee.

Seconds became minutes became hour became hours.

It shouldn’t take this long to get to Pinkerlee.

I don’t understand.

Where are they taking me?


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