Part 254 – Barbara and Sammy Are Plotting Stuff

Barbara drove back to Sammy’s Place. She felt excited and jittery and like she could almost scream. She managed to keep herself altogether, though, and obey the speed limit.

This is so awesome! Sammy will show them what’s what and who’s who and take down everyone’s names and numbers. Yes! I have such a great feeling about this!


She rushed through the busy reception area and barged into Sammy’s office.

Sammy arched an eyebrow. “Have you forgotten how to knock, Ms. Addleston?”

‘No, but there’s something I need to…I need you to help me with something.”

He gestured to the empty chair in front of his desk. “Please. Have a seat.”

“I don’t know if I can. I want to move. I want to just go and run and…” She took a breath and released it. “I’ll sit down.”

He waited for her to actually sit before asking, “What do you need help with?”

“Ambrose Smith.”

His expression went blank.

“Before you break something, hear me out. He hasn’t hurt me or anything like that. But he is in trouble. He accidently caused the train wreck out there and the police got involved and he got arrested and—-”

“Ms. Addleston. Calm down. Slow down.”

“Sorry. So, he was arrested. They put him in jail. Then, these two sleaze factories showed up and took him and they’re going to—”

“Slow down.”

“Sorry. They’re taking him to this ungodly amusement park in Davisburg. They’re going to put him on display.”

His expression went blank again. “Is this…place owned by Mark Caten?”


The kitten picture hanging on the wall burst out of its frame and crumpled into a ball. It floated in the air a few seconds before bursting into flames.

“I’ve been there before, Ms. Addleston, but not as a guest. I know what that place is like. We cannot let him stay there. It would be wrong.”

Well. That kind of negates all of my wheeling and dealing at Elsie’s house, but. Small detail. “Thank you!” She clasped her hands together. “Oh, thank you so much! Can we go now?”

“Not yet, Ms. Addleston. Let’s wait for end of day.”


“We will rescue him. Don’t fear. But it will be a lot easier if we do it at night.”

“Hm. I see your point. It will be hard to sneak him out if he’s unconscious.”


“Should I come here or…”

“Yes. Come at moonrise. I will wait for you.”

“Thank you!”


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