Part 242 – Watch Out! It’s An Ultimatum!

Ambrose closed his eyes as he kissed her.

The world around them fell away. It was just him and her in the spotlight of that moment.

Then, he tried to move his hands forward.

The handcuffs killed that move dead.

He opened his eyes and the moment was lost.

He was just a prisoner in handcuffs on his way to be transferred.

“mmm?” She backed out of the kiss. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to go back. I can’t go back. I can’t. I can’t. If I go back, I’ll lose you. I’ll never see you again. Barbara, I’ll lose my mind.”


Thug #1 finally showed up with his bloody nose.

Ambrose struggled to stand. Barbara helped him.

“Okay, lover boy. Time to end this romance drama.” He reached for Ambrose’s arm.

Ambrose stepped away from him. “You touch me, I’ll shred you with my fangs.”

“Fine. I won’t touch you. But you’re coming with me and my bro.”

Ambrose told him exactly what he and his bro could do and where they could go when they were all done.

“Fine. Be all coarse and crude. Hey, bro! Get over here.”

Thug #2 came on over.

“Get this: he doesn’t want to come with us.”

Thug #2 shrugged. “I don’t see how that’s a problem when we have an easy solution.”

“True, bro. So true.” Thug #1 and #2 pulled out their pistols and pointed them at Barbara.

She let out a startled yelp.


“Come with us all easy and peaceful.”

“I can’t.”

“Then , kiss your girlfriend goodbye. Hey, bro. You wanna shoot first?”

Thug #2 thought it over. “We could shoot at the same time.”

“True, bro. We could do that.”

“You don’t understand.” said Ambrose. “That place—”

“Where should we shoot her?”

“Head, of course.”

“Head? Ehh, but bro! That gets terrible messy.”

“True that.”

Ambrose glared at them. “If you shoot her—”

“We won’t shoot her if you come with us.”

I can’t. I can’t. Ican’tIcan’tIcan’tIcan’t!

“So. You comin’ with us or do we get to turn your girlfriend into a shooting range?”

They’ll put that muzzle back on me. I know they will. They’ll take me back to Hell. I know. I know.

“Hey, bro? I don’t think he’s coming.”

“I think you might be right.”

“Whaddya want to do about it?”

“Just the usual.”

“Good deal, bro.”

They pulled their triggers.

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