Part 227 – Elsie Is Angry And Ambrose Is Warm

Elsie left the building and walked across the busy street.

He did this on purpose.

I can’t believe it and yet I can. That vampire. That horrible, selfish vampire! He derailed that train. He killed those people just to trap me here.

If I find him…When I find him, I’ll give him more than an earful. I’ll give him a faceful of fist!

And I will find him. Even if I must sneak out of the house tonight. I will find him. Unless.

Unless he’s already gone.

But it’s day. How far could he have run in the middle of the day?

No. He’s here.

I will find him.


Ambrose crawled into a ditch and crumpled.

Too warm.

Everything’s too warm.

He unzipped his hoodie just low enough to expose his throat. He was hoping it would cool him down a bit. Get rid of some of that extra heat.

It didn’t work.

His exposed skin went from too warm to too hot. He zipped it back up.

He pulled his hood all the way down to his forehead. Which accomplished nothing besides making his entire head unbearably warm.

I can’t stay out here.

I need a place to hide.

He closed his eyes.

Somewhere safe.

Somewhere dark.

Somewhere mercifully cool.

The hotel room.


I can’t go back there.

They’ll find me there.

Barbara’s house.


I agreed I wouldn’t…

He pressed the heel of his hand against his forehead.

His hand was too hot.

His head was too hot.

His breath was too hot.

He clenched his teeth and could have sworn that they were too hot as well.

Where then?



He opened his eyes.

Sammy’s place. I’ll be safe there.

I know it.

He climbed out of the ditch and headed back to town.

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