Part 203 – Let Me Go

Barbara leaned her head against the car window. Tears trailed down her face, but she didn’t rub them away. She just let them fall.

The image of Ambrose kissing that woman kept playing in her mind. Who was she? Was it Elsie? Was it someone else?

Why would he do that?


Her father glanced at her. “I’m sorry.”

She wanted to tell him that it was okay, that she was okay, but she couldn’t say it. I’m not okay. This…this isn’t okay. And I don’t know what to do.

I still love him.

I just don’t know.

Her body shook as she full out cried.

What am I supposed to do?


Ambrose entered Sammy’s Place.

It isn’t likely that she’s here, but maybe she is here because it is unlikely.

All of the lights were on.

Sammy sat at her desk.

He smiled at Ambrose. “I’m glad you got my message.”


“I assume you know where the mop and broom are. You may get to work.”

“Barbara isn’t here.”

“No. She doesn’t work this late.”

“I knew that. I know that. I…I just thought that maybe.”

Sammy’s expression blanded out.

Ambrose headed for the cleaning closet. I might as well, I guess. It will give me a chance to pull my thoughts together, to make sense of how terribly wrong everything turned out tonight. To find a way to make it up to her if I can, if it’s even possible.

He pulled out the broom and dust pan and returned to the reception area.

“Barbara was very excited about tonight.” said Sammy.

Ambrose set the dust pan on one of the chairs.

“Now you are here looking for her. Did something happen?”

Ambrose swept the tile floor by the front door. “Just the usual.” I blew it. And why? Why did I do that? Why did I kiss her? Why didn’t I just leave?

I couldn’t resist it.

I couldn’t help it.

He thought about her scent, about her lips on his lips, about her fingers digging deep into his hair.

She intoxicates me.

But she’s all wrong for me.

She isn’t Barbara.

He took a deep breath and released it in a shaky sigh.

She isn’t her.

Barbara. If only you were here…

If only I…

He set the broom against the door and fetched the dust pan.

Sammy rose from Barbara’s seat and walked over to him. “Is Barbara hurt?” A deep red aura radiated around him. His eyes turned a dangerous shade of green. His pupils narrowed into slits.

Ambrose almost dropped his broom. “I didn’t hurt her. I swear I didn’t even touch her.”

“But something went wrong. You did something wrong.”

Ambrose tightened his grip on the broom. If he tries to attack me…”I was stupid. She left.”

“Stupid?” The aura widened. Random chairs exploded. “How stupid?”

“I didn’t hurt her. I know that’s what you’re thinking. I know that’s what you’re expecting. But I didn’t.” Understanding hit him hard. “I did.” He raised his head. “If you’re going to kill me, fine. But let me talk to her first. Let me try to make things right with her.”

The aura faded and his eyes returned to normal. “So. You do care about her.”

“I do. I love her. I love her and I made a terrible mistake tonight. I betrayed her trust in me. I pushed her aside for someone I used to know. Please let me go to her. I’ll come back here. I’ll finish my job. I promise.”

“If she rejects you, what will you do?”

“I won’t hurt her. I promise.”

Another chair exploded.

“I will keep my promise.”

“If you don’t?”

“There’s no if about it. I will keep it. Let me go.”

Sammy smiled, a deliberately bland smile. “Then, go.”


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