Part 195 – Barbara Negotiates

“Come in.”

Barbara entered Sammy’s office.

“Ms. Addleston. This is a surprise. Is there a problem?”


“Please. Have a seat.”

Barbara sat before him.

“Tell me. What’s wrong?”

“It isn’t fair.”

“What isn’t?”

“Please don’t be upset. I don’t wish to offend you.”


“Ambrose is a vampire. He can’t, he simply can’t work during the day. Yes, he’ll try, but he can’t do it. He physically can’t.”

Sammy pulled his pencils out of his pen jar and sharpened them with a manual sharpener. Lead-tipped curls of wood littered his desk.

“It isn’t fair or right to force him to do it.”

“I’m not forcing him. I told him and he agreed.”


He raised his gaze to her face, but continued sharpening his pencils.

“Please. Let him go home. Let him get the sleep he needs.”

“As you wish.” Sammy set the pencil sharpener on the desk and arranged the pencils in a tidy line from lead to end. He looked up at her. “He will need to come here tonight to work.”

“Tonight? Uhhh. There’s a small problem with that plan.”

The pencils exploded into splinters. “What sort of problem?”

“My dad wants to meet him and we sort of agreed to get together tonight.”

The pencil sharpener melted like wax, amalgamating the pencil curls into an inedible bark. “I see. And this is…Something that cannot wait?”

“Sorry. It’s just one of those things.”

He scooped the melted pencil sharpener slog into his hand and glopped it into the garbage. “Can he come here after your get-together?”

“I can’t see why not.”

He smiled. “Very good. I’ll take him back to the hotel. You return to your post.”

“Thank you so much! You have no idea how much I appreciate it.”



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