Part 191 – Hildreth’s Backstory

Hildreth came over to her. “We should probably go after him and force him to leave.”


He looked down at her. “What’s wrong?”

“That story about your parents.”

He turned to face the door.

“Was that true?”

“Yes.” he said softly.

“And…your master.”

He opened the door.

“What happened to him?”


“I’m so sorry.”

“I couldn’t stake him. I knew I had to. I knew…But I couldn’t. I ran away.”

He watched Donadill try to hit it off with the bossy looking redhead.  “I was dishonorably discharged from protecting that city. So, I took a job as a security guard at one of Mark Caten’s places. He saw my potential. He pulled strings to have me instated as the vampire hunter for the city of Kalabaska. It was my last day at Mark Caten’s Haunted Playground when my path collided with that vampire.”

Redhead folded her arms across her chest. He made broad sweeping gestures as he talked. She cracked a smile and unfolded her arms.

“And we know how that story played out.” Hildreth smiled at her. “So much better than it started.”


4 thoughts on “Part 191 – Hildreth’s Backstory”

  1. I like this addition to his story, but what really catches the eye here is that fairy cat trying to hit on the redhead 😉 Sorry , the image in my head is just so humorous. I have really missed your story. It is great to be back reading again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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