Part 171 – Barbara Makes Up Her Mind

The cashier scanned the box of spaghetti. “So, Kevin told me the news.”

Barbara pulled herself out of her thoughts. “Hm? Kevin was here?”

“Yeah. He was back in his human form, but he needed to buy himself some rawhide bones. He said that he had such an itch to chew for his whole week.” She clicked her tongue. “And nothing to chew on. What a shame.”

“What news?”

“About you and some vampire.” The cashier grinned. “You’re moving up in the world, girl. So, tell me. What’s it like?”


“Dating a vampire, of course.”

“It’s somewhere between interesting and challenging.”

“Does he sparkle?”

Barbara tried to imagine Ambrose sparkling and she burst out laughing. “No, Ambrose does not sparkle.”

“Ambrose? Mmm.” She remembered her duties and resumed scanning Barbara’s groceries. “That’s a good name. It’s almost pretty, but it’s oh so masculine. Is he good looking or is he one of those ugly vampires?”

Barbara thought about him. His face. His build. His personality. “Good looking doesn’t even start to cover it.”

“Ooo! So, you got yourself a hot one, huh? Good for you. Nothing against Kevin, of course,  but he’s kind of a slacker in the looks department.”

“Hey! Kevin isn’t that bad. He has a good face.”

“Good face doesn’t equal handsome in my mind. You got any pictures of Ambrose?”

“No. Not yet anyway.”

“Well! Get to it. Snap pictures left and right and bring them here. I wanna judge his hotness.”

“You don’t trust me?”

“Again, Kevin.”

“Hm. You might have a point.”

“Of course, I do. That’ll be $55.50.”


As Barbara put her groceries away, she thought about Ambrose.

Funny.  I know he’s good looking. I’m not blind. But…hot? I don’t think I’ve called anyone hot before. Not even Kevin on a good day.

She closed the fridge door. I know I’m not plain. With a little bit of spit and polish, I can easily be labeled pretty. But no one’s ever going to look at me and call me ‘hot’.

A mischevious smile stretched across her face. “Next time I see him, I should ask him if he thinks I’m hot.” Oh! But I’ll feel so silly asking it. I’ll die of embarrassment.

But I think I’ll ask him anyway. Just for the fun of it.

Her smile fell. That reminds me. What should I tell him? Do I want to keep seeing him? If I say yes, what do I want? What is my long-term goal with this relationship? Just keep the boat sailing along indefinitely until one of us decides to call it quits. Or…marriage?

I don’t know. Can vampires get married? Do they get married? Would I even want to be married to a vampire?

But he isn’t just a vampire.

He’s Ambrose and I like him a lot.

“I think I know my answer.” She looked up at the clock. “Oh, but why isn’t it night time yet?”

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