Part 170 – Hildreth’s Nightmare and Understanding

A monstrous Ambrose stood before Hildreth. His arms were too long. His claws too sharp. His eyes lit with a cold winter’s light.

Every tooth inside his mouth was a fang.

“You think Elsie is yours. She isn’t. She never was. She never will be. She’s mine.” He held out his hand to reveal a beating human heart. “I have her heart and I will never give it back to her. Or to you. She’s mine always.”

“Filthy creature. She’s going to marry me. Not you.”

He smiled and it was like a demon’s grin. “You’re marrying an empty shell.”


“You are. Elsie’s heart and soul are mine. And one day she will come to me.”

“No, she won’t.”

“She will willingly come to me. Then, her body will be mine as well.”

Hildreth pulled out his stakes and charged towards Ambrose with a warrior’s yell.

Ambrose threw back his head and laughed. He disappeared, but his laugh lingered in the air.


Hildreth woke up to a pair of arms wrapped around his chest and a body lump curled up against his back.

He raised his head off the pillow. “Elsie?”


“Is that you?”

“Yes. Go back to sleep.”

He laid his head back down.

It was only a dream. Just a stupid dream. It doesn’t mean anything. It isn’t true. None of it.

He smiled as she snuggled even closer to him. “I love you.”

“mmm. Love you too.”

He closed his eyes. I have nothing to fear from that vampire. Not anymore. No matter what he may think or say or do, Elsie loves me. I know this now and I believe it. Because this is the reality: She came back to me.  And now my lovely Elsie is lying here with me. Her arms are wrapped around me.

Not him.

He fell asleep and dreamed of peace.

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